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Ready? Ready. Win an avenger returns. You're not the one with the hammer and Thor. We get confused. Similar body types. The new saga begins. He's a monster. Who thinks he's a God? I am king. It's okay. We're okay. It's gonna be okay. You're saying, okay, too much. Okay. Ant man and the wasp quantumania ready PG-13 may be inappropriate for children under 13 in theaters this Friday. And we are back and we are taking your phone calls the rest of the way. What an afternoon, this has been with Barry Switzer and so many other great guests. So let's continue Tommy is up next. Hey Tommy, go ahead. Hey, what's going on? We are doing great. Thank you. I hear this thing all the time. About don't go on and trying to catch up with Nick Saban I hear these guys stand all the time, but they trying to catch up with Nick Saban and I thank George and the team now about how great Nick say been ill as far as losing coaches every year, but the expectations never changes. You know, they still want you to perform at a high level and when you take down Alabama, you take them down by taking a coach and when you agree Paul yeah, I mean, I think the toughest thing in any walk of life is maintaining success because you're measured against what you've done, the pressure, there's an expectation and what you are always trying to do for 40 years trying to become the best. Now it's expected and if you don't do it, it feels just like a disappointment. I think Paul did, you know, Georgia, they say we arrogant. And I really don't think they really understand the journey of ten year long span of dominant and losing culture, but still to this year, Paul, Alabama. Lost 5 years because the type of coaches they Nick Saban handed up with. So now he's trying to find coaches to light that fire back up out of those players. That's what jaws are going to have to understand when you replace and culture. You got to come in with the right coaches every year and replace those coaches. You think that's fast path. I think that's very fair. And this is the first well, I say it's the first test for Kirby smart. It really isn't. He lost Dan landing last year, but I don't think people thought that was as big a deal because Kirby smart is essentially the defensive coordinator. He had much chance there and he was able to move Glenn schumann and must jamp into that spot. So this is a little more important because of the Kirby smart as a defensive coach and this is an offensive position. And if Kirby had gone out and let's say he had hired Tommy Reese, there might be a different reaction to this, but there is a stigma connected to Mike Bobo. And that's what he's dealing with. Yeah, because you know what my Bobo is. You know, and the thing about it is called, you know, I'm not coming to shoot George anything on top right now, but George is just finished seeing how hard it is to stay on top and being replaced coaches every year. You know, that's all I wanted to say. Well, thank you. I don't think another question that was raised by the caller who was talking about how Alabama should when Kirby smart when Sabin leaves issue try to hire Kirby smart, but and I raise this question. I've had a few people push back on me, but why would you leave where you are when it's your school, first of all, and you've built this behemoth, you have brand new facilities across the board to go someplace and replace statement. Why would you do that? Same thing as applicable to dabo Sweeney, although the circumstances are a little bit different because he plays in a different league. But that's the one thing that I can't quite figure out. Anyway, let's check in with Larry, who is in Missouri. Hey, Larry. How are you? Hey, miss bob. I'm how you get along with that. Man, it's been a long time. Thanks for calling. Yeah, great, great. Hey, man, I appreciate it. And I'm actually playing this strike today. If you'll give me a minute or two, I just got a quick very switch to story for you. My personal very Switzer story. And this was years ago and you remember when my son got sick and ended up passing away or whatever anyway, he had a broke femur, a broke hip was on a ventilator 24 hours a day and we were in the hospital on my, you know, I can't even get him to the hospital. I'm underneath that like a wheelchair accessible van and a generator because I was a 100% dependent on power. If I lost power, you had to use an ambu bag, push it every 5 seconds to keep him alive. So I'm like, hell, I never asked nobody for nothing, but I mean, you know, I'm like a so I started to go fun. And a lot of your callers from this show dominated to me as Friends of mine from this show, people I didn't even know, which I appreciate them, but gets back to very Switzer. Just before that, he started the blue start following me on Twitter, which is surprisingly enough. And I don't know very short. I have met him since this, but anyway, he started following me and I'm like, well, you know, I don't have enough followers, and I'll just ask Barry Switzer. He would just put it on it, 'cause he got several 100,000 followers. If he'd put it on his feed, just, you know, years ago fun, you know, and I didn't hear enough about 5 minutes and I thought, well, hell, you know, I can't blame him. He don't know me or whatever. All of a sudden I get this DM back very switch. He says, no, what's going on? So I explained it to him again. And lo and behold, it's like a boom. He puts it on his feed. And then I told him I was in a coach. I'm not asking you. I'm not asking you for any money at all. If you just do that for me, and one minute later, he sends me a check for $500. Oh my goodness. I don't need the dough very Switzer. He doesn't know me. I'm just saying he is one hell of a good man. And I don't care if anybody says, he's always the king to be called Paul. I'll call you back. I really think you're great to hear from you again. You bet. And that is a remarkable story. JK is up next. What was going on fine, bob? JK, welcome. Hey, Paul. You know what I don't like about these long drawn out stories. We keep hearing from these folks. We don't have anybody to verify these stories. So I don't want to hear all these long growing out stories every day about various ways and all these people that people meet who cares. And to this guy to just talk about a few minutes ago about Alabama. And said Barry Switzer was trying to save his son's life. You don't think that's a big deal? Hey, Paul. Let me talk about this guy that just talked about. Okay. This guy talking about the coaches are the reasons of non success. What is he really talking about? And Kirby and Georgia is going to experience what it feels like when coaches leave on a consistent basis. Is this just about them or not cutting it the last two years? What is it really about? I mean, on one hand, they're dominant. On the other hand, they're losing because the coaches are leaving. I don't get it. The narrative changes after every loss it seems to me.

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