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The time right right does it make you know what J. J. J. J. maybe just goes after you you know you're with us so long as Michael the other way who knows right but I I did well okay she made me well graded that threw a pick out all did she buy Cialis he has she become a big dolphin fan because if you I wouldn't go that far it's more the idea of keeping the household scenes dolphin news because the news is good for me that board control alt listens out for a deal now with which you get a tour Jersey before he does anything as it often yeah what well here yeah I wish I could I'm I'll be honest with you I've been trying to get in Jersey I want to throw back Jersey bodily fluid sent out a tweet like four years ago that one of these websites found you want we can at the Dalton said any stones they go back to a throwback jerseys on a permanent basis all you know nowadays right what was right about that you know what to is right about that right the owner in the PR people right on the jerseys but I will get the white the roll back whenever he has the number could you guys know he was number thirteen at Alabama yeah that's not working it's not working in my right now right right all right man well I I don't know but JJ congratulations on getting undergrad over just cut it all dads and what is your would you go no I'm not I'm a supporting role you would do is such a brilliant job that we're giving you as much time as you want now you want to yell at tonight after draft your auto the only bad you always you know that we work an extra day so once a day only it will be a global my running a little bit there will be so you want to limit the let me just understand it so you are off Thursday night into Friday till Friday right you Friday so you work last night you are now well Friday into Saturday by that show I got a new six PM on fan over the networks at six PM to ten PM I'll be working on Sunday night Saturday night in the end if you turn around to do it overnight right after that as well we know what Sunday into Monday it's back up to the five days from my normal schedule okay very good excellent well congratulations on a hell of a first round thank you graduations on the relationship still going well yeah spike the cornerback thank god news just think about W. activation you're given out and she's still putting up with that's omitted right god wired on twilight thank you guys for having me on and who knows maybe the jets in the dolphins can actually do some damage in the eighties that would be a nice concept was mentally ill you know what do we know what probably got play golf sooner opening the golf courses up here again in New York so you will you know we got it we you and I got to get out there one of these days any time any place anywhere on diet for it so you tell me one all right well hello bro all comments zero JJ who you currently are in six out of seven days here on WFAN and sometimes on the weekend on the CBS sports network he's a little bit of what going on is is what is girlfriends you know you know you can avoid it depends because some of these apartments in Brooklyn and I get the I. doing less he's crawling on the ground well we well I well well like I said you know that there is Terry will not be on the the you know much anticipated meeting on Monday I can tell you that yeah you have a sit in for you you know thank you you know what I'm I don't have my people call your people yeah well my wife told me she said to me does it forget about it she said you're basically special that's you're stuck with that that's what you said I did always have jet to sit in for me you know I have to talk to him maybe I can even get like a picture of me just put that there something like that okay one of the stuffed animals yeah I was and I got a lot you know what you know I think I'll do his own thing I'll do I think I will have at least one all the stuffed animals with me this much anticipated conference whatever you wanna call is on Monday morning yeah I don't have an ostrich told me that they don't go the koala bear Tom you thoughts I hate you really want J. go wrong with the koala you can't go wrong with it okay I got you got a honey badger maybe I'll go with that now the young go go a lot a lot a lot of places we can go here wow J. it's once a week so you can kind of switch off you know and hopefully you won't be that long it was doing this I mean I you know but you know as long as we all I mean maybe you will be a new animal everyone that's something to look forward we'll come back we'll get back to your phone calls eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six but it gone Roberts on the fatal six winds coronavirus.

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