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It's twenty, three's jersey at hit on the way down it it it actually carems slightly off his jersey. Look at this. Ooh, to feelings, credit toward to Thelander credit. He stays locked in on the football and he watches it all the way into his hands and it was another. It should have been the third pink of the game for Kirk cousins, and I gave you the two point conversion pass the fate route. It was beautiful, just fly. That's that's. That's too good. But see what I could is showing you what he's capable of when you surround him with better talent, you give him feeling. You give him dig. You give him route up. You give him cook. You give him latavius Murray. Now we didn't get a chance to talk about it. Look at check down Alex. How yesterday get with that fame, not first cousin. We're throwing for four thousand yards and thirty touchdowns and right on schedule every time it gets my Cowboys. I could just book it that he would throw it to us when you least you don't have the play the cowboy. So you have to worry about one in six against my Cowboys, and he should be, oh, and one against his division rival should be the interception that ended going. Odin such an outrageous. How can you roll that flag at Lambeau. With a penalty. Not yet. Defending somebody who's like an Aaron Rodgers dollar almost in the same vein as is LeBron James Shannon Sharpe. Yes. Told me all last week, no way to air. What. What did today? No way. What did they say he should not have played really, really good. Can we early play its third and seven? We saw. Third and seven in the first quarter to tie game and what it Aaron Rodgers. Dude, Bramble scrim. Oh, we don't have that one on, sorry. But he goes right up the middle. He actually gets the, I didn't do. I cannot use the verbal. He ran, no, he ran lay. He ran, he didn't labor. He ran all the way up the middle. How many even let me ask you this in air Rogers, thirteen. Fourteen years in the National Football League. How many times have you seen him where Nibras? Well, it's because as Adam Schefter of ESPN reported yesterday he has a bruised knee, it's bone bruised, so you want to protect the need from taking another shot directly on the knee, but his ligaments were all okay, which is exactly why the team doctor a week ago, Sunday night against the bears at halftime said at halftime. You cannot hurt it any worse. It's because the ligaments were fine. He's doing if ligaments. If you ever need a knee brace, you got the brace on to protect it from taking another shot to the knee because it's very painful, but it doesn't hurt to run straightforward. All I'm saying is how many times have you seen? Have you seen Rogers play? Whenever you go is this did he that look like a menu? Hav Jaren Rogers, wait a second. Look at this. He takes on. I would know he was heart. He's got a Balki brave, but limits your question. Wow. That was Hamburg aware that was the limp around guy..

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