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Seal team and criminal minds cw has a new riverdale ladies and a new life sentence and following that midseason premiere of empire on fox they have a new episode of star nbc rounds things out with the voice their blind auditions continue and actually this is the best of so if you've been missing the voice you'll be caught up it's a two hour catchup show tonight at eight o'clock followed by a tribute to andrew lloyd webber at ten o'clock tell your best friend musically other than what's on andrew lloyd webber's plate there is some news from the country world i was talking to the ladies about watching a story of george jones and tammy wynette plank every back last night i didn't see anything about dottie west so here we have to make up for that dottie west who passed away has been inducted into the country music hall of fame the induction of dottie west has been a rallying cry for fans and fellow artists this old issues been going on for years her daughter shelley west was in attendance in the halls rotunda when they named dottie west was announced as one of the three new inductees into the country music hall of fame is pretty much the most exclusive club and country music isn't it i think it is a nice man as the honoree in the halls veteran performer category comes after years of lobbying by a lot of people who think she should have been inducted fans wrote we can't imagine the doors dottie west knocked down scores of young female singer songwriters could walk through behind her she did it good ole boy era wasn't readily going to let the girls in but dottie would have none of that she was a brilliant songwriter gifted singer entertainer with sharp keen is for young upcoming talent among other things she's credited as discovering several young artists to and on stars in their own rights dottie west gets worth coming to her manner of speaking i'm sure that tammy wynette she's in henry hall of fame isn't she some of the others yeah taking care of.

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