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Canadian stock exchange under the symbol of vega is the g. and we are on the on offense stock exchange to germany under the symbol w n t one and we're on the otc to be under the symbol dlt That's easy to remember for me. i always think plan. Just it's it's it's gonna pop and speaking of which i'm not a financial adviser. I don't offer advice but the stock is at eighty eight cents right now and just a few weeks ago. It was up to a dollar eighty five so it seems like it's really passing for some gap enough. I know that. I'm going to be keeping my eyes on that just because the direction of things are heading it definitely looks like that's not going to be in an all time high. That's going to stay there very long. And it's interesting to know that you guys are also on the german markets because there's a lot of influence just on a day to day trader basis that we get from from the german traders the markets being Their head of on on the the time. The time joan senator. There's there's always always about influence there i can. Can you please tell everyone where they can go to explore your online shopping platform where they can go to learn more about investing in the company escher. It saw check out our website on plant x dot com or exa dot st. And if you are interested in investing checkout investor dot bent stops awesome. And since we had sean on back in the first week of january user any other new exciting news from planets that you wanna touch on before i get into some more questions. About just julia. I mean i'm. I'm actually really happy to share that. We just it's an incredible mind stone So we our first million in revenue which is like it's it's actually mind knowing So we reached massive awesome actually pasture in december and when basically from sierra revenue for months. I'm to over one million. And i mean. We launched our website in april last year and To achieve such a huge gross revenue in that short period of time is nine and it actually proves our business model. So i'm i'm gonna have been excited about that. That's extremely good news it. Would you would think that. I felt i had to ever for anyone. That's gonna be watching the market. This we keep that in. Mind that in the back of your mind. They haven't even been around at year. They already generated ahead of a million dollars. Come in so. I don't know how that speaks to people. Investing in the penny stocks and things along that. But i mean you guys are still under five dollars a share and it's it's just a matter of time before that's not the case anymore That's like a diamond in the rough are. Julia has to now. How do you stay up to date with the plant based industry on a daily basis. Ask you need personally like our stay with the or like general any people online on twitter. Any any major accounts any newsletters that you get personally and then to be honest i am. I don't let myself influenced that much out of people. It just feels for myself rights. I know it might be a strange end star. But i don't need anyone to following your i listen to my body and for me it's the right thing to do and like i said i don't force anyone to one hundred percent fan base if you feel like eating your stage A couple of times. We just considered that. We have a nice environment around us. And if you just like maybe under the business needs It might. It might actually change the world if everyone would think like that. I think that's really important and also it will make you feel better. I promise like. I really don't think because sometimes i talk to people they're like i eat meat free times per day. I'm like okay. Wow how would you and did you like a research on that. I mean just like a candidate just advise look into that topic Just a little bit more to be. I don't wanna coined words anyone. I just think it's at least worth. I'm to try it out and yeah i think we are derides destination to give it a shot and see how it feels and then you can touch about. It's awesome okay. Well she she's not demanding that you go and try some some beyond me but it might. It might be the best ever did especially if your body's stressed out after eating two three times a day it doesn't have to be on week naked jesse plays Your stay with a bunch of vegetables or whatever. It doesn't meet all the time. So i'm also advice. I do want to be a cooking show. So i shall really really easy ten based recipe piece. It's one minute video with equity simple ingredients and i proved that everyone can do it. Everyone can cook really simple pappy smear. That's is filling delicious so there are no more excuses that on the instagram or is there a separate youtube channel and it's on our website so it's not possible to miss this. No excuse julia yourself. Trader or invest in any in any of the markets. Well obviously i mean. I count on plants but not only because everyone know i really believe in so i think that's that's very important. I also really like to say. I'm apple child i think needs to be From apple and I kind of like it's It's it's it's a difficult topic. We shouldn't be talk too much about it. I wanna do any age sends. It's amazing what's going on right now for sure. That's what's gonna happen all right. We'll leave it right there. Julia frank planet. Ceo thank you for coming on today. I look forward to the platform. Four possibly finding an entry point this week and the market is wealth for. There's another week like mid january. Where i miss out on it. I again appreciate you coming on. It's been great. Thank you so much for having me ends. I've talked to his monopoly. Won awards you guys. Were hanging out with us to the end of the show by sharing a final word from one of our sponsors american dream. You the nonprofit designed to provide our veterans obtained the education and resources. They're going to need in order to find their dream job or start their own business. They host events on military bases with the best speakers tools and information. It's thanks to our military that we live in a country where the entrepreneurial dream is is possible. It's thanks to our military that we live in a country where the entrepreneurial dream as possible. This is their way of giving back. Check out their facebook. Page or website and american dream. You dot org..

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