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Tex what he says loyalty means I'm going on my fifth Mercedes hashtag humble brag, which I responded actually not that humble. Oh, man. The Mercedes is like. Is a statement car, right, man. When I was young. That's what I wanted. I couldn't afford it for so long. And now like once I can afford it. I mean, and look I don't have like the big baller ones. I got the little baby ones. But I'm so with that. Yeah. My godmother she would get one every single year. And he would always do it for her birthday or Christmas. I don't remember what it was. They lived in Tarzana. Right. And I remember he had old El Camino also was like nine hundred eighty four nine hundred eight five I said, why do you have that alchemy? He's like trashy, right? You're right and souped up or anything. He goes I'll when I get to angry. That's the car. I drive and I just people will love tap. Yeah. And he was dead serious. I was like. There in times. Don't you wish you could do that? Sometimes I mean, he had a lot of disposable income. So I guess that's how he decided to to use. It was giving people love taps, man. Let me tell you the net here to be honest, maybe because I lived on the east coast for so long and drivers there are so much more aggressive him. And then they are here people here. Reside to the fact that you know, traffic should be crappy. Right. Like, they get it. And that's by the way, super appreciative. We get where we struggle is. In today's weather. Sprinkle like ninety percent of our population. Doesn't know how to dry, but our traffic is more a result of just a bunch of small towns. Poorly connected. Call the city, right? New York's is anger dribble, man. Yeah. Because it's so crowded that it's all Miami is like just bad drive bad drivers. Because most people are from most of my people from different parts of the world were driving different, bro. I've been Puerto Rico plenty, okay. I seen how my people Dr. I'll surprise I've ever made it out of sure. So and Miami is definitely guilty of probably the worst drivers. They are. They are the worst follow Billy Corbin on Twitter. Amazing. Every third tweet is either like the most delicious Cuban sandwich I've ever seen that makes me jealous or the worst traffic I've ever seen. And it's always just because my and it's usually because somebody cut across four lanes to make left her like, oh, that's my stop. And there's eighty cars piled up and everyone has listen. It's just ridiculous. I actually been meaning to get Billy on. I've been I've been trying to get Billy to do like a weekly like kind of fun movie TV type segment late on the west coast for him. You know what I'm saying? It's on the east coast. But he's he I mean, he's a night out. He is a Miami. Boy, you can make it work if you gave him like a theme you wear almost like a like a wrestling promo cut every week go off. So did you see there was a? Thing on VH one recently that used cuts from you reminded me of this before we get into the Magic Johnson stuff. It's it was something. I don't remember the name of it. But it was something about like basically kids who grew up in like the mob or whatever things like that. So the the godmother of the movie cocaine Cowboys for those that don't know Billy Corgan is the director of the documentary cocaine. Cowboys talking about Griselda Blanco who was eventually caught here in California. Okay. Yeah. And her son was is featured in this VH one like, you know, docu series or whatever. Of kids who grew up in like, the visit Octavio it's an MTV show. No, it's one is if each one. It's called a cartel crew. Cartel crew. Thank you cartel crew. That's that's the way better than mine. Michael blanco. Michael blonde is his name the youngest son was killed. He was the youngest son of Brazil law for anyone who hasn't seen the cocaine. Cowboys documentaries. So first one is amazing amazing. And it's it's basically that documentary..

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