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Me, man. Are you retired? And I said, no, I didn't retire. Oh, fired. You knew the business. So you know, I'm not in a hurry, hurry doing anything at this point and end up the right situation. Again has to be the right, you know, situation for me to, you know, even think about it. So right now, I'm just trying to enjoy -joy my life and you know, mega bucks in the meantime, and they're happily raft vanity. Say you're going to be a Long Island, all those autograph man that that's that's not a bad way to do it. No, but for the kids, you know, I'm still still sports on their advisory staff and Gary Matthews. My main man and I go the got a going over there and you know, try to help the kids. 'cause these, these are the guys that need help. You know, kids need our help. They need our knowledge and they need our our wisdom. And you know we need in. In. All right. Well, that is dusty Baker kind enough to join us from Cape Cod while he's watching the sun play baseball, Matt, thank you so much, man. I really, really appreciate you spending the time with us issue with with Cuba news down there. Lord, if that's motor programs that I watch and hey, man kills me what's his name? Papi there is Bobby Bompis. Everybody was to meet. He kills the. There. I was like, man, that'll make this funny. But then when I think about it a live, it makes sense. Was he starts making you think that he's making sense. He's got you, got you. Well, he got me sometimes eight. That is bad. You have a good, would they man? No problem. Ladies gentlemen, thanks for joining us here on the right time. We try to do this couple of times a week Bassein. How's everything behind the scenes? Thank you, serve.

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