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I grew up like i said in the atlanta georgia area Grew up pretty. Poor am was a pretty good student in school. So i kinda like work my way up in Started you know. Having some moderate financial success for myself Eventually graduated college became a math teacher. And somewhere along the line along the way i found poker and i found poker because like i said grown up poor i was always looking for ways out of poverty and i used to mess around with these get rich quick schemes that you see the late night. Infomercials lost a lot of money. Going on certain days when i was probably seventeen eighteen years old and then one night i was watching and they said this guy named moneymaker won a bunch of money. And i'm thinking like who writes this shit like this is like. Obviously this one's a scam. I'm not falling for that. But i gave it. You know. I did a little research and i was like wait. This is real and sounds okay. This is going to be my quote unquote get risky scheme. That Starting me down that rabbit hole and so started playing a line around two thousand four and then singles primarily up until black friday Obviously that was like a disaster for a lot of us in the us. So i i was out for like a year and then these rogue. Us site started the pup. You can play on as so. I kinda got back in and at that time the sitting does are kinda dead so that started me on the tournaments and So this is around two thousand twelve and in two thousand thirteen I was a member of tournament. Poker edge and andrew brokers is one of the pros on that site. And so that's how i met andrew and Met him for the first time in person in vegas in twenty thirteen to get on the pie. And i think you pretty much. The rest is history from

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