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Welcome to armchair, expert I am. Emmy nominated Monica Padmanabhan joined by any nominated soon d'action. No, no. I didn't even apply. You will be listening you listen up. My dad is here today, and I don't want people to all that's right. I don't want people to think he is risen from the day. He didn't ascend. Favourite TV data all time, Craig t Nelson. Yeah. I've never felt in real life. Like I had a twin separated by twenty five years, like I have felt with crazy from the second I met him. I think we're the same person travelling in two different times. God just like my grandpa and the new dog and the dog that you notice. Yes. Monica's discovered branch of reincarnation. That is new and exciting and will be incorporated, into our Colt papers, explain what happened Monica. Kristen brought a new dog to the house Auster dog named haffey. Very sweet very cute dog wine. Yeah. Lots of elements. But this dog really likes to hang out by my feet. Sure. And I will be honest, after a few minutes, I was ready for that to be die. But then I just stopped. And I looked at her face into her. Deep into her. And I thought. Are you my grandpa you really have that thought that? Yeah, it was a real thought I have like some of my Grandpa's essence ended up in taffy. And he's still alive that see that's why it's a whole new version. Carnation thing I call her Tiffany difficult or Triscuit the sky's the limit you call it anything you want, because she is deaf as fuck. And she cannot hear thing she can't see she bumps into walls doors feet. She and yet she seems joyful and happy. Yeah. But we're not here to talk about. Chris get we're here to talk about. My dad, not the one that rose from the dead, Craig t Nelson. My father parenthood, you may have come to know him in poltergeist. He was coach. What a career the incredible my girls love him now. He's Mr. incredible. What could be cooler a love this man? So much we kissed on the lips. When we remember that, do I put it away. Put that away. A think about when you're sad, one day share. Yeah. All right. Well, listen, guys. Now Minneapolis sold out that thing sold out. It's no longer on the market on the market. But there are some seats left for Cleveland for Detroit and for Chicago. So please go to our website link. If you wanna come party with us in June. We'd love to see you without further. Ado, Maya live father. We are supported by square Monica's favorite way to pay for things. Never have cash always so excited when squares available. I went to the echo park craft fair this weekend. And there was this lady that sold the coolest socks and she was also an armchair, and signing. And so I got some socks with her square. She was using swear to take payment. Yes, listen. We use it at our shows we love it. Everyone knows it's the little white card reader. But it's way more than that. They also provide access to business loans with square. You can get an offer right in your square dashboard. Disapplying a few clicks. And you're prove the money is in your account as soon as the next business day it so you can get more inventory, replace old equipment or open a new location. Whatever it is. You need to grow your business. Squares tools are here to make it easier to run and grow. Any business square has the tools to help you do it easier faster and better. Learn about all the ways square can help your business go from square one to whatever's next at square dot com slash go slash decks. That's square dot com slash go slash Dax loan subject to credit approval, and issued by Celtic Bank member FDIC. He's. Dad, we were just discussing vaguely aware of podcast, right? Yeah. I don't know what they are. Right. You've never listened to one. Have you there's a lot you'd like so they're like, free form radio? Yeah. Ours. You, you know, it's long form so you can. Monica, how exciting as Monica's a huge parenthood fan, isn't it so sweet that he's just like he is. I was a little different sure. You dress differently golfed less. Yeah. Right. You didn't have a race or fun. I don't know if you remember this, but you came to work one day, and you go, oh, I saw this movie hit and run. Oh, Dax what a great movie remember you came home in. You really you're ri-. You're raving about it. Have you seen it? Yeah. Many times a looked it. And then I said, you, you remember that I offered to the role of my dad, and you said you did. Did you really use one hundred percent? And you're like, which I totally understood, you're like I'm going to be in Hawaii. It's our break, I'm going to be with the family. I'm not going to be around. I was like, no problem. And then we had to go get Bowe bridges lovely man. Glad I met him but certainly I wrote that role for you. Craig t Nelson my pater Nassar, my hero and Tom Arnold. He was spectacular, right? So good. Yeah. Funny. That movie was good person was great guys. I told you I says, you know, when you get her cracking up, it's just to me, it's just special so phone, you know, now that we have these two kids, I'm really happy that there's a little time capsule of us. When we were like five years today, he doesn't laugh them much anymore. No, no, my God. No. She hasn't lessened sixteen two thousand six. For me. At least other people still have our number as she grown taller. She has she's five eleven now. She's losing quite a few role, but you have one of the more bizarre stories and slowly got a revealed to me over the course of six years on parenthood. Right. First and foremost. Well, the first time I met, you I just loved you. I was just about saying the same thing didn't know who you were at all. Sure. I didn't know anybody what, what show where we doing. Yeah. But when I met you love you right away in, in a when we read the script, we had that cast raining. I gotta tell you just to, as, as a side note. I had this trainer over the house Saturday. Okay. And we were working on gluts shelf gophers. Yeah. And I'm really in something wrong. I've got something that goes up into my thinker. Okay. Hurts so bad. And when I heard across my legs like I know what I'm doing it hurts, and there's a paint and I didn't cry out just now. But inside. I think I'm bleeding now. Are you are you looking for that pop? Like sometimes it might low back in, in buttocks is real tight, and I cross those legs, I'm kinda waiting for op and then some relief of disown ninety four. You knew squad lunges, own my trainer, Adam. He's such a good kid and he thinks I can do things right. Right. Give me things to do. And of course, I'm not going to say. No, right. Because I wanna prove that. I'm okay. And then he's got these things we do. I don't even know what they're called. They're just so fucking paints. Hurts. And I came away from there. And I knew I'd done something.

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