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Welcome back. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Well, America has had a bunch of president some good some not so good. But we've had a bevy of exit dental presidents as well people who didn't seek to become president. But the person under whom they were serving died in office. Jared cone is the founder and CEO jigsaw is the best selling author of four books, including his most recent book, accidental presidents examining eight instances in American history. When a president has died in office. He's also served as the Adjunct Senior fellow at the council on foreign relations, Jared, thanks so much for joining the Ben Shapiro show. Thank you bet. I'm happy to be here. So Jerry tells a little bit about your new book what prompted you to write about the accidental presidents. Interested by then my parents when I was eight years old bought me a book about the president. I like any eight year old fixated on the motive docking aspects of it which were the eight times in history of president had died in office as I got older, I became really fascinated by how we basically wind presidential succession. I took eight presidents dying in offense. Another nineteen close calls for us to formalize the way presidential succession work with the twenty fifth amendment after JFK's assassination. So of these eight presidents how many of them ended up being good and how many of them ended up being complete mediocrities? And who is the most surprising. Who's the person who was expected to be a mediocrity who ended up being good or reverse? Well that last one Ben because I didn't Harry Truman is really the big surprise. He's vice president for only eighty two days. He needs to FDR twice doesn't get a single intelligence briefing didn't meet a single foreign beater isn't briefed on the Manhattan project and wakes up on April. Twelfth nineteen forty five is president of the United States. The war in Asia Pacific is raging. Hitler still running the war in Europe from a bunker. The battle of Okinawa is happening at that precise moment and on paper. He never should have been successful. But through really rose to be occasion and made some of the most decisive decisions in the history of the presidency in. It's just interesting four months, you can trout that with Andrew Johnson where we were supposed to get the vision of ABRAHAM LINCOLN for reconstruction and the vote of John Wilkes booth has gone ended up giving us the last president to own slaves who essentially resurrected the old elements of the confederacy and set civil rights back one hundred years one of the things that most people who observe in politics have said is that the vice president is basically useless office until it becomes. In-incredibly useful office who there've been assassinations obviously in American history, but there's some presidents who obviously entered with a great deal of age. William Henry Harrison comes to mind, although his death was somewhat of a surprise when we look at the accidental presidents. What does the state generally about how vice president should be selected because there's a lot of talk about shooting selected VP to try and help you wanna presidential election. Should you select VP who's going to help you be a guide? What have you learned about what? What qualifications? We should be looking for in a vice president in reading the president's one of the things that I thought a lot about what had we learned our lesson with all of these instances where vice president became president. And it turned out that we still even with all of these unexpected deaths in office and all the many close calls. We still view vice president as a political marriage of convenience, right? You're against the ropes during a particular moment in the campaign or you wanna come out of the gate with a gimmick. But we we treat the vice presidency like a game. Electoral math as opposed to somebody who maybe qualifications to to leave the country, and you need to look no further back than than the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate to sort of see how reckless we can still be with that choice. My view is you know, if you look at the the vice president in history, it's more or less than a story of either punishment because people want party bosses wanted to exile. For instance, teddy Roosevelt to the political equivalent of Elba or it's been seen as a job. That was available to anybody that wanted it and back in the day. Not a lot of people wanted it. Well, one of the things it's really fascinating about the book is that they're a bunch of figures who've been kind of fringe figures in American history until they are elevated as you say to the presidency that includes people like Chester Arthur somehow ends up as president of the United States despite a pretty nondescript career, the book is really worth reading go. Check it out right now, it's called the accidental presidents. I love history. And if you love history, you'll love the book to Jared Jared. Thanks so much for stopping by. Really? Appreciate it. Ben. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Well, coming up we're going to be talking with Lahavi Harkat. She's the senior contributing editor over at the Jerusalem Post. The results of these rarely election are in it ends in effectively a dead tie between Likud and the blue and white party to call the Levin in Israel. And what that means is that prime minister Netanyahu remains prime minister and the left in the United States could not be more outraged over this it betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of exactly what politics has become an Israel. As a direct result of the hor-, Phil horrible horrifying in France. Just terrorist tendencies of the of the opposing governments to the state of Israel in that region. It's it's really amazing the left in Israel is basically dead that is the main takeaway from this particular election, but we'll be talking about that with LA Kharkov. This senior contributing editor over at the Jerusalem Post, you can break all this down for us coming up in just a second. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Something happened that you've got to hear Larry and local weekdays three to six is remarkable. How this debate is going Leary O'Connor show. Hi, larry. I really enjoy your show. Thank you for that. Traffic and weather the day's top stories, and you Larry man, I. 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