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Karen Travers in Washington, the honors will continue when that plane arrived. They'll be a Capitol Hill ceremony later today and the forty first president who began his political career in congress will lie in state in the capitol rotunda until Wednesday morning with a state funeral scheduled Wednesday. Brian clark. ABC news. After thirteen seasons and a Super Bowl win Mike McCarthy area era and Green Bay is officially over Packers. President Mark Murphy will address the media later this afternoon day after he was fired Mike McCarthy. Former Packer Mark tau Scher says McCarthy's coaching style has a short lived shelf life, especially when the winds just aren't there? Conflict is good. You fight with those that you love and this year when results weren't coming in for this offense, the struggle. I think they couldn't quite figure out what this offense needed to get in kickstart McCarthy's thirteen years at the helm good enough for second of all time in Green Bay trailing. Only curly Lambeau seat at from nineteen at twenty one to nineteen forty nine. Interim coach right now is Joe Philbin. Coach McCarthy poured some of his energy into helping kids around Wisconsin. He came into this hospital. He would wear his heart on his sleeve Madison's American family, children's hospitals. Jim Gilmore says since two thousand ten the Mike and Jess McCarthy golf invitational has raised over two million dollars. Gilmore says it's easy to explain why. Mccarthy cared so much number one. He's the father Justin and coach your parents have five kids. They I think just have a wonderful appreciation for healthy kids and a deep spat in their hearts for kids that are going through a tough time in their lives. Jane matenaer. Mayor WTMJ Wisconsin Democrats are warning that a Republican Bill to limit really voting is designed to suppress turnout by democratic voters and contradicts a court. Ruling that already struck down the GOP one Wisconsin executive director Scott Ross says the Republican measure shows the GOP, quote, refused to accept the result of the.

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