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I can tell you this the whole before our body thing, I loved him. Farris that dude's a amazing forward thinker in immersive journalist, self experiment or but he had a recommendation for abide at is huge, fatty steak with pine pollen, you know, few hours prior to a hot date or prior to sex, and in my opinion, that's a good way to create a food baby and divert about your blood flow from the crotch to the gut. And there are there are certain things that I actually recommend to my clients that I've recommended on this show before that guys. Do you know before sex or just to increase nitric oxide production in general? Right. Like a salad has a Roo Gula and. Then you know, pumpkin seeds, some extra virgin olive oil for the flavonoids and polyphenyls the extra nitric oxide you'd get from that. You know, some some beats obviously like cubed beats or cubed watermelon. And you know, almost like a lighter salad designed to enhance nitric oxide production of that with some red wine and some dark chocolate. I mean that that's even something that you can use, assuming you're okay with the fiber content of it, like pre performance. Like, you know, you could use that for time trial ride on a bike or to open up the blood vessels prior to doing like a sauna detox. Like there's a a lot of different ways that you can use it stack of foods like that. But ultimately, in my opinion, I think you know, in on a, for example, on hot date night with my wife, I actually void the huge cuts of meat instead go for the the lighter fare, you know, wild caught, fish, salmon, stuff like that. Also very good for the Amiga three fatty acids that can help with that as well. But yeah, I, I'm not a fan of the steak pro as popular as that is. I totally agree with you. And I talked to my patients about this all the time. I ask him if you're going to go out and play a set of competitive tennis with someone, you know, are you going to do it at midnight after you've had five or six drinks and a big dinner, of course not. You know, what you're going to do is eat right in the morning, get enough sleep, do some stretching beforehand. But unfortunately, that's a lot of time when you know people engage in physical intimacy is at the end of the night after a big meal after bunch of drinks and so on and so forth. And so the fact that they're not performing the way that they want to perform is related not just to decrease blood flow from athletes sclerotic disease and decreased nitric oxide. But also, you know, the the physical condition that they're in at that point, they're dehydrated, they're tired, and most of their blood flow is being diverted to the GI tract. Yeah, yeah. To to wrestling now in terms of other. Either hacks or scientific protocols or medical protocols, or anything else that you would do in your clinic to improve male or female sexual performances gains wave and femi- wave the only ones or are there others that you would do as well? You know that. So the data behind gains wave and semi ways is really solid and it's increasing all the time in. In fact, I'm trying to put together a national registry study in the United States so that we can have tens of thousands of patients contributing data to a national registry because when you're in private practice, if something works seventy to eighty percent of the time, you're going to have twenty or thirty patients knocking under door telling you hi, how come this didn't work. And so it's really important for us to understand who it works on, but also who doesn't work on and then figure out, okay. Is this never going to work on those patients? In which case, you know, let's set their expectations that it's not gonna work in. Let's go to..

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