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Center at least five police. Officers are on administrative leave after a deadly police shooting New Year's Eve. Komo's Jennifer Sullivan reports follow tow was shot and killed by Seattle. Police just off Aurora avenue north on New Year's Eve, the shooting quickly grabbed the attention of Seattle's community police commission, the American Civil Liberties union and others. They want the city council mayor and city attorney to make SPD follow. What's now required by a new state law nine forty is in effect any incidents involving police. Use of deadly force are now subject to this new rule and last fall voters passed initiative, I nine forty requiring increased training and an independent investigation into officers. Use of deadly force. It also changed the language in state law making it easier for officers to be charged with on duty deaths. That's komo's Jennifer Sullivan. Police say the body Cam video of the New Year's Eve shooting is expected to be. Released today. We've yet to see it Saturday will Mark eight years since the murder of rainier, Oregon police chief Ralph painter and still the officers family waits for Justice. Another delay. Now in the trial of the accused killer. A judge has granted the defense motion for a continuance in Daniel butts trial year ago painter's family expressed their frustration with the delay. I mean, we've had a couple of deaths illnesses. Just a lot of life happens. But claims he was hearing voices at the time of chief painter's death and does suffer from schizophrenia, though. Doctors say with forced medication he is fit to stand trial. There's a new app available for residents of Los Angeles in komo's Charlie Harger tells us, it could give us a glance at the future of an earthquake safety system around here. It's called shake alert five point or higher earthquakes rocking and rolling LA. Those with the app installed might get a few seconds up to a minute to take cover Caltech seismologists, Tom Heaton between the time. When the the earth starts to rupture on some of the full, and when the rupturing all over takes about a minute and a half the push alert system will be triggered by the US. Geological Survey early warning system sensor is still being installed up and down the west coast. So developers will be paying close attention to how things go in LA is a try to figure out how did it play around here? Charlie Harger, KOMO news. This Seattle squeeze. Is almost here. And now mayor Jenny durken has a new cabinet member to help us get through it. She's hired retired Air Force Major general Mike warden as Seattle's I ever director of citywide mobility, operations coordination say that ten times fast. His job is going to be overseeing coordination between the city's twenty nine departments on things. Like incident response and emergency services. The permanent closure of the Alaskan way viaduct eight days away, and you'll hear all about it here on KOMO news. The former general one hundred ninety five thousand dollars a year and had been a finalist for the city's transportation director coming up on KOMO after traffic. Terrible traffic.

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