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Told me to stop and, get back into the box and when. I got into, space he. Told me also gathered his face It doesn't happen what. Other teams and it doesn't seem, to happen when we're in San Francisco Stabbing when we're here not gonna let them He's not gonna let them act like that in their house act like. What you're the one toss in the bat you were. The one upset with with with the. Pitch you were the one throwing, your bet when you popped out the night your manager had asked you to stop. Doing this kind of stuff and it continued so the one more guy. We should hear about is is Dave Robinson he just lays down, how he thinks it. Went down was frustrated, yelled out. An expletive When he missed one missed was pitchy, he can handle and Currently had something to say about it and, yes ios intent was not at the pitcher nor at. Nick, and you know where he instigated inset something. Exception to yeah and then and they took exception to that so so. It was handled what Alan Hansen handled in the ninth inning Bochy said there as much that that he. Didn't want to have to put belt, in the ball game it was activated, from the DO yesterday peers, Johnson was option back to Sacramento but delta, belt comes in gets the base hit felt like he said he felt like he was, running underwater trying to score on that base hit from Hanson but Hanson drives in the winning run. Drives in the first round of the. Game to giants win they're up to sixty one and sixty we'll get. Some more tweets and texts, because people are really feeling this my question? For you is are these brawls bad for the game ball because I feel. Like this morning sitting up here. Watching MLB. Network watching ESPN this. Is all anybody's talking about it's giants dodgers it's the rivalry nobody wants to admit that any NBR's San, Francisco.

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