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Before Tuesday, of the month after two weeks off. No better way to get going. then. By a rolling in the embedded correspondents. So as I on mute them, we welcome in long runnings correspondent to the show Doug Shining top Reid John, Solberg Michigan, bottom left, and brand. Nubian. Embedded correspondent from the great city of Utah Rusty. Monster. Area. All right. So Rusty. Let's start with you since you're the newest. If folks Mr First couple appearances, very brief background on you what you're into and we'll take it from there. And Russ. You GotTa on Mute Yourself. Test, governor. Rusty. Where's your audio pal? Nothing. Boy. Boys. What do we know about this? This is not the way we make our first impressions on the show. I can tell you that. Not Been there where where's the Anthony Luhan when you need that guy is always ready, look. He's. Already. He's walked off. In his defense great banner in the background, it's not even green screen. You can believe Doug. Can you hear me? Yes i. can you hear me on? You can hear me right. John can hear John, can you say something I make sure I have you live in? Perth. Absolutely all you have me live, and in person I have you person still? No Rusty. That's a shame. Well. Let's. Let's do this. Let's go ahead and make it really uncomfortable push in on rusty and see what's going on. Let's Go Rossi? What's the problem? What are we doing? Ready, one, two, three, go. No. John. Let's start with you. Tonight. Worst moving stories, things that you hate or love about move. I, hate moving so much I. Don't do it. I haven't moved. I really and the next. The next time I plan on moving unless there's some weird economic thing which is you know possible currently have be. Getting a big. TV. Going to my room to watch barbecue pitmasters and you know where I'm going. Then you're going into the retirement home if I remember correctly. Homemade Ryan Nursing Home, you're GonNa Watch pitmasters. You're going watch the pay per view barbecue, show that day Neil Don. You're going to get all your viewing done at that time. When they get caught up with at and maybe the walking dead in my spare time. All right. Doug, your worst moving story. Well up until the sixth grade. I'm an Air Force Brat sound. We moved every year up until I was in the sixth grade. So. The kids built a legos and had furniture and pack them in and. Watch them. I was just fascinated by the movers packing stuff in. So one particular time I. Think it was when we were moving to Denver. I remember how they packed. The moving van, right the back of the moving van and then when we got to Denver. Things were in a different order. and Lo and behold all of our electron. Ix. magically disappeared off that. Way. All my dad's stereo equipment. You know back. Then it was a lot like your setup you've got but. It was a Tragic thing. So we always would have when we moved after that. We always had another car that would a tow, a trailer that had all of our. Things that we didn't stole. On. Doug beyond is here. Did did dad have these things stolen and we did a little insurance to upgrade or these were straight up? Hi Ho. Yeah. Oh No, these were high because these were stuff that he got through is is. Military travels and stuff like that. All the old stuff real to real and that kind of stuff. Yeah it. Company, Times. Did you move grownup? Gosh. Awhile, and maybe lambing times. Are you kidding I mean as a youth that has the F. View? Mentally mean, you never can like Landon. Grow roots anywhere. You just you're. A new set of friends the next year right I I was. I was a definite introvert. I was definitely introverted l. seventh-grade sometime rusty shut up now. Okay. Just because I'm in the middle of it. All right. Just because. We can hear you now. You GotTa shut up. All Right Mike near you. Yes. Yes. Long. Running embedded correspondent, rusty monsoon be joining us. So I mean, did you did you find that been? Can you look back at that time and all Doug and say that moving around has helped you in any way as you've gotten older. Yeah, maybe it's helped me meet new people every time you know because basically I'd have to meet. But for a long time I had problem developing friendship relationships because the. Bottom right here. Yeah. Why Bother? Exactly. So kind of the same thing when you go on a plane I, don't want to talk to the people on the plane, never never see him against. Me Alone. Yeah. leaving a rusty. What's your worst moving story that you can regale us with? I was a terrible like I don't know twenty year old and I would rather go out and you know live as a twenty year old and pay rent, and so I lived on the seventh floor of a apartment where the only stares down were like this wide and it was seven floors down and I got a victim to leave that night. and. So I got told, and so I had only had one other friend to help me to carry all my stuff down. And I got so frustrated actually this through couches off the balcony and broke. His other ones and so yeah, it was pretty bad. I. Hate Moving I. Think it's the worst thing ever. My wife apparently just loves it. She. We've been together for ten years. We've moved eight times. Are you kidding me? Air. First. One is washing would fall asleep on the couch falls over the couch, and then she'd have to wake up and go upstairs to go to sleep and she couldn't. She couldn't do it. So we had to move and then we were. Just. She couldn't do it like she was physically impaired and couldn't do it or she just didn't WanNa, do it. When she goes to bed, she's asleep. You know she doesn't want to wake up and walk all the way upstairs. I realized how sleepworks but I mean come on. If you're GONNA fall asleep somewhere and you wanna go to bed, you gotta put in the work. Right. Yes. So I just hire movers. Now I'm done I. Don't I don't do anything I. Really Don't let me tell you as somebody who has just recently moved and I've done. I haven't moved a lot. I think we moved You know very small handful of times a kid, but they weren't like a dog moving around every six seconds We moved the very young to Saratoga and we were there through the sixth grade until we moved to Cleveland and then I've been here since so it. It was like you know sixth grade move has kind of I mean I didn't really care, but that could be weird for some folks but it was okay. So I've been here ever since then I've moved through a couple different apartments. So we moved out of last apartment, a first house and Then we when we built a house and we moved out of that one, we've moved here to this one and you know through the years I've gotten older and I said Holy Crap. A I don't know nearly as many people as I did six years ago when we moved this time when I had a plentiful number of folks to help me Bupe, for I could get the truck and employ everybody I'd make food and. They lend me their muscles and away we go. I didn't have that time there. I'm telling you, I hired these movers best fourteen bucks. Fourteen hundred bucks I ever spent in my life. These guys showed up. They are all strong like bull. The one guy could pack that deal like Doug was talking about like Lincoln logs and whatever else, and they brought it all here and shift it all down, and all we had to do was unpack i. mean it was the least backbreaking work. In fact, this whole move has been. A constitution of me paying for things that I can do could I move? Yes. I'm going to pay somebody to do that Could I paint the house? Yes. I pay somebody. Do that why? Because I'm not GONNA be able to get that time back that I'm spending? Painting the House. AM My saving money. Yes. We guess what? I'M GONNA make more money next week. So at this point, I'll pay the painter, I'll pay the BUBER. Sure exactly. Who Else I'm paying pretty much does it. But those are things that I would never have thought of laying out for as a younger me. But an older be fines much value in that John. If you were gonNA move, would you do all that stuff or are you akin to? Now, no. Mover alcohol? No. No. I'm ten years in front of you. So fast forward where you're at now, it's like, no, it's like what? What can I sell trade or do what? I I'm not moving Matt I'M GONNA Call Them I'm not painting. I'm not going on my roof I'm not I'm not doing certain things. I'm paying to have that done now. John..

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