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Outlying areas stay unseasonably warm book Tomorrow's Sunday Plenty of sunshine each day I both days 72 Central Park record Tomorrow. 78 from 1938 Sundays record is 76. From 1975 warm weather will continue on Monday. Right now. In 2020. We have a nice day Going 71 in Yonkers, 66 in Norwalk and here in Hudson Square, Lots of sun and 69 degrees, But today shows Al Rooker announced this morning He's been diagnosed with prostate cancer and will undergo surgery. The 66 year old broker says the surgery will take place next week. At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. His doctor appeared on the Today show today and said rockers cancer appears confined to his prostate. But because it's a more aggressive cancer, they have decided to remove His prostate. WCBS news time to 40. Let's check your next job question. What's responsible for the loss of $1 Trillion a year to the U. S economy? Researchers say that's the cost of office interruptions and information overload. The workers who are in the office today, The typical worker is interrupted or switches tasks on average every three minutes whether it's coworkers over sharing or an inbox overflowing with personal e mails. It's our dark you that many of us spend a lot of time at work not actually working on. While it's too soon for pandemic related studies, it seems safe to say that working from home they only be increasing the number of disruptions for many workers. A few years ago, a Canadian researcher created a traffic light type system There is desk. He taped a red card to his computer for please don't interrupt, and so on. A simple device encouraged people to be more respectful of each other's time and more aware of when they could and could not interrupt the colleague. 85% of the office ended up adopting the system. It might be useful for workers today in the office or at home with your next job. I'm Steven Greenberg for WCBS News radio 80. But, uh I'm so fit, honey..

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