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The career issue. Let me ask you this because I was. I was thinking about eighty-five South so on love that holiday holiday it's not That's not the typical like comedy. Show they kinda got it different. They interact with the crowd. I never see comedians. Do Carlos is a stand up from the stand up. We're combining DC DC from like you know the Internet world and you've got my map got go. Chico freestyle rap. That's like a day of dough come. Let's as well no so they won't follow to their brain on killed. That's one of my favorite things to watch and I'M GONNA go. I literally told myself I got what city in Knicks and I want to Tony One. Let them know him now. Have you ever seen Comedians? Like have a whole show where they interact with the crowd and the crowd is what a joke. I never seen really old school in the way right back in the day used to us to know how to do all types like variety shows that came up and that used to be that. Was you know what I mean what you would interact with? The crowd is a song he would tell jokes like. That's what Sammy Davis. Junior words used to do all of that stuff so pretty doing stuff the school that seems new. Because ain't nobody did no way and I think that's why it's brilliant brilliant so for you right you from Chicago. I know how we are. You live in La now yet. How was that I love? La I love. I mean warm weather you know. The weather's great chill I like. La's real cheerful community of us out there now. Yeah also. That's why. I think you could live anywhere. You can make. Because he was phony people. Might you hanging out with who I liked on cool with. I do my job and I go home. The craziest thing for me the for us well we lived in. La For four. I live four years to come to. I didn't do anything like Hollywood until I left. And got on other teams. We we live that. We never literally like all of Nice Restaurant. The Nice restaurant we went.

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