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Yes yes yes we're back we're about five minutes away from Mr Barry Hunter let me go ahead and put into Turkestan. Put Out Text Mr Barry Straight silenced. As does there's radio failure. Pardon me pardon me all right so so I just text Barry. Let's see what happens and let me double. CHECK MY WHATSAPP sex Marie. CEO He actually answer me back but it was for something else that I really don't know what I can act on this. You know. I mean I'm sure he'll it'd be willing to give France on a rematch or at least say that he would But I don't know that there's much we can get the one I want to answer me. Back as Arigoma says I want Era Gomez on this show I want to ask Gomez was deal. I know that Oscar. I said they'd be willing to do the rematch in Cancun now. Cancun this Alejandre's from man. I first of all design gave the first fight in Texas in San Antonio as baby Mexico man and that was one of the things that they actually like. Do you think that that the crowd at anything to do with it. 'cause it was a pro Mexican crowder pro lartigue a crowd and deserve mantra chant. Man she said Yeah no man she said no she didn't care but that's a great question. Allah is Jiminez part of the WBZ clean box and program. That's fucking right. Br Br I don't I don't know how the telecast didn't even mention I was the only one that said anything and then I hope that it doesn't get back to him and as in all of a sudden Jiminez in and all of a sudden she's got an issue with me. I'm just going off a physical you know attribution and I said what I said. You know what I mean but but I think I was right and what I said like you heard her post by saying that Shit was even like Whoa unit domain. So you know man I was just excited you know. Don't take my enthusiasm as disrespect. Don't take my excitement As disrespect you know if you're Alejandro Hernandez team got absolutely nothing. Nothing against you. You think you did a wonderful job in there. You fought hard Yemen and and the fact that you called out Clarisa has me excited. It has me wondering I know Clarisa senior fight a noted Clarisa You know sent her love and support to discern dad could be seen on on designs. Instagram Post clitorises in in the comments. Sex and she says she's team design. So she she she must have picked deserve a win. Barry seems to be ready. So let's just get him on and get this thing started.

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