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Now, though safe to say that the political climate in Virginia is whirlwinds of dysfunction each of the top three state leaders right down the line of succession facing huge personal scandals all of which just emerged over the past few days. Gwen kid directs the center for public policy. Christopher Newport university in Virginia. So Quentin lawmakers quoted saying this is a mess which kind of perfectly describes the situation you got to take us up to speed on just where we are right now. Yeah. This time Friday afternoon. None of this was known. I mean, the scandal that engulfed the governor over the weekend was broke late Friday afternoon. So since late Friday afternoon. June. This last Friday, the governor the Lieutenant governor. And now, the attorney general or engulfed in scandal in Dave all of them have called for all of them to resign at some level, except for the governor who scandal broke, I so the the the attorney general who got who sort of got in trouble today had called for the governor to resign for the very same thing Friday afternoon and to be clear to our listeners. So so in two cases, we're talking about the racial issues that right and in one case, it's allegations of sexual impropriety. Yeah. Something called black face. Essentially, you know, painting painting faces black to either mock African Americans or in some way, make fun of them very offensive to African Americans culturally in Virginia something that was done in the past. Obviously, we now know something was done in the more recent past but very offensive to African Americans. And the Lieutenant governor is an African American. He's. Is the one that's engulfed in the sexual assault. Scandal show, literally the entire elected state leadership is engulfed in scandal right now. So if they all go who's left to be governor view, according exactly. Yeah. It's the speaker of the house who's a Republican and all three of these statewide officeholders are Democrats. And so it's actually I think this this latest scandal with the attorney general has made it less likely that any of them resign because the Democrats realize if they all three resigned Republicans, effectively take control of the executive branch without having had to one election. There's some talk that people think the governor or his supporters are behind getting to the scandals with the other two is that serious talk. Or is it just like Twitter conspiracy talk. It went around Richmond on Friday Saturday late Friday Saturday and into Monday. But the governor the it it looks to me like the Democrats are trying to tamp down that story. Trying to trying to diminish any sort of Pfizer might be amongst there. Camps at this point. They realize it won't go anywhere. I'm I'm not convinced that that's what happened. What what I think happened is that the allegation of sexual assault against the Lieutenant governor had been out there in the elections last year. So it was sort of known, and then it got resurfaced right after the governor's black face scandal broke. I think that's really what happened. But I want to go back very quickly to what you're saying just a minute ago. So you're saying that that that you think that what's going to happen in effect? Now is nothing because out of fear that the Republicans will take over the state what all these three gentlemen who. Now have tinted backgrounds are going to continue to to govern and exercise. The dare offices with what moral authority then well little moral authority, but a lot of political fear. You know, Democrats almost uniformly cold for the governor to resign Friday. When the when the attorney when the tenant governor scandal broke the sexual scandal. There was muted calls for resignation. There are very few Democrats calling on the attorney general to resign today. And I think it's because the gravity of what they're calling on is hitting them all that. If all three of these people resign, the Republicans take control of the executive branch without having to. One any election at all. And I think Democrats essentially you're saying we don't like this. But we're not willing to give up power over it. Gwen kid directs the Watson center for public policy. Christopher Newport university in Virginia Mckee won't be governor Virginia. From my ad in there. Yeah. Sure. What the heck when KNX in-depth continues in about three minutes. Well, actually about five minutes don't look now. But we are about to be thrown back into yet another shutdown showdown right now. Here's the news and briefing. Chrissy people in Orange County can now reach out to police and fire agencies for help by texting nine one one on their mobile phones eats a change that could potentially affect hundreds of thousands of people the technology to marry texting from cell phones, the nine one one dispatchers came about through a state grant and Orange County sheriff John Barnes says it provides another way for those with hearing your speech impairment or even ordinary people to get emergency. Help railways hoping that those who need help rely on the voice system I and as necessary default to textile what nine one one an obviously those who are hearing impaired or speech impaired will be able to use this technology in ways, they would never have made available to them prior Barnes and police and fire. Chiefs in thirty four cities in Orange County expected exponential rise in the use of texts nine one one is trends of shown text. Thing is becoming a dominant part of communication with cellphones. By all users in Santa Ana, Pete, Demetrio, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Well, police Glendale now confirming the two men their bodies found early this morning likely died at a murder suicide. One body was found in a town home the other on the one thirty four freeway about three thirty this morning. Glendale police were called him a town home in this city on north woods lane and wants inside they found the body of a man in his fifties. And they say that evidence suggests that he was murdered then about forty minutes later about six miles distance from the town home. The report of a suicide on the one thirty four freeway air was a individual who had jumped from the overpass of the Harvey in the one thirty four onto the shoulder of the westbound traffic police spokesperson says both men are in their fifties. And likely live together would not say if they are related and would not say exactly what evidence was in the town home suggesting murder and then suicide in Glendale, Craig Victor, KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Thank you jussie smollet back into. Chicago now working again on his popular TV series empires. Police there continued to look into a report of him being attacked by two men because he's black and gay TMZ is reporting small at flew back to the windy city right after performing at a concert in West Hollywood over the weekend. Also says police wanted to speak with him again soon as part of their investigation, so far they have not been able to find any security video that actually show Smolin being attacked quick. Check of the markets down day on Wall Street. The Dow off twenty two s and p dropped six NASDAQ down twenty-seven back to KNX in depth in two minutes..

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