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Valuable diamonds are stolen in Boston Blackie attempts to get them back posing as young bear a buyer of stolen jewels Blackie steals the diamonds from offense name Dalton in a plan in which inspector Faraday of the police is to assess but something goes wrong with the plan empire today does not get a dime like he doesn't have them nor do the thieves but as we return to our story is a real shop IBM and yes yes what can I do for you I am reject this year I'm speaking of Mister I'm don cellular rarely have the stuff eastern time of course what you mean is giving a mistake thing was a mistake but I don't care of things you want to buy those match diamonds it is right now for same yeah cash right now that he's agreeable with me well they right here in my pocket yeah well you show them to me everybody around thank a lock sure and they gave me a beautiful headache some guy tried to let them awhile ago only I think about his plan plane shot is that the standard of the gun as a guide to the street only I hopped out and got it a minute later and I look my boys don't know I caught the stones of that she got you keep your mouth shut and I'll turn them over to get a real bargain half price see see he did today by the money you in a twenty five thousand it is the price you did not that's right thanks yeah I on arms that rail at a bargain they're all see every take them overlap but by.

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