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Hey man you got them back a little bit but really and truly will record the ad I would I would I would be up at night worried about him you know what and how you know I'm I don't get him down to the ground just because again it was a strip and speed together Sir a potent combination I'm I'm serious about that I I know you are Stephen and that's that's kind of what I I mostly expected you to say because the reason Melvin Gordon is here is for those situations the the Broncos feel like they need to be better on on short yardage plays when you know there the offense is going to run it the defense knows that and they still can't stop it do you agree with that right oh yeah oh yeah now here Alexander Johnson a whole man maybe a nice little follow him without David Mann a I'd like to see that I like I mean again a prime young Steve that water I don't know man and I don't know if there's many people that can help yeah I did well to gable battle my first we'll have to get a a conversation happening at some point Hey Steve it's always good to catch up with you ma'am thank you so much for your time tonight and we'll check in with you again next Tuesday absolutely so thank you so much and keep up the great work H. Steve our hall of Famer bring him I don't think we've heard anything yet officially about the ceremony I think they're they're planning some contingencies but yeah we're still waiting on word on that by the way baseball from July twenty third twenty fourth this when they gonna kick season off all right late breaking news they're pretty exciting stuff and yes it is it was a Charlie Blackmon Blackmun to other players positive for covert nineteen after work at Sikorsky amp Frank Castelli ani and still deal with the other two but that's something that to is is going to be kind of a consistent headline I mean even with the call you'll catch when we heard that earlier today a symptomatic well had out in Serbia right well and he was exposed because he was around Novak Djokovic who also tennis player who came down with it and then you know so I you know it is a symptomatic is a tricky thing because you know you can be a symptomatic for up to two weeks with this thing so that's what makes it so dangerous to is because in the time that in that span of two weeks who knows what you're spreading it because you think you're healthy and so that's that's why this thing is been so so dangerous okay I will I want to preface this by not by saying I don't know the science behind this statement it was put out by me is put out by Albert Breer the science behind it I don't know if this this has the look kind of legitimacy but he put out this on Twitter he said is it okay to start talking about how teams that have guys testing positive for cover nineteen right now in all the sports might wind up having an advantage later all hate that okay first of all have you seen what this does to a pair of long even evil it's the light kisses their pictures and you go on social media you can look at what happens to people's even healthy people started as a lot you have diminished lung capacity it's gonna be interesting to see how guys a Karina von get back out there if they can build their Max V. O. two which is the amount of oxygen that you're looking at onset to accessing teen days he still had fatigue right and so it it really does take a toll on your lungs and so that that's I I feel like that's a short sighted comet designed to draw engagement rather than it is in any way scientifically sound especially if you know what this does to people's long Sir and and again I preface but I'm not supporting that I'm not sure I was put out there and so I thought I'd ask you my way I just got a tweet from the at Rockies baseball account simply saying baseball okay I mean you it's legit it's officially official I mean we can try to confirm it was somebody that played seen dinner standing behind you like the reaper in Florida V. the grim reaper hi there well I love drinker may reference there Steve I I don't want that to go by as if I did I get it you know I I'm I'm out here out west man to pick it up and you just you know take her out for a nice steak dinner and never call her again the echo show the news up to hear the top of the hour update on major league baseball's.

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