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I agree with that. She's very weak right now. If Kerry condon won the BAFTA, and Jamie Lee Curtis won the sag, that's tough. No, no more BAFTA. No more baft is talked about. But they're predictive in the acting categories, not in best picture. It can't, but I just, that's a bunch of British people being like, that island's close by. You know what I'm saying? It's just all it is. And I thought Kimmy condon was very good. They picked Germany. I mean, they went with it. Europe focused. Okay. I don't like the nature of what we're talking about, though, because I just don't, I don't feel comfortable saying that anything is a lock because the thing that I have come to love about the Academy Awards is like, one of these people is not going to win. It's just how it's going to be. I don't know who, I don't know which one, but they're not all winning. So this is a big deal. Imagine that you're an Asian American or an Asian person. Who has been waiting for something like this to happen where the movie hasn't been imported from in the case of parasite, South Korea, drive my cars from Japan. This is an American movie. You know, it does star Michelle Yeoh, but it's an American movie about American people telling an American story. It's exciting because, well, I guess there was minardi, which this is a much better movie, I think, than that other movie. They have a lot in common, actually, aside from the genre elements, in terms of the shape of the family and the idea of legacy and generational connectivity and all those things are related. But one is Julie's gold. And the other is a very exciting movie. I know. I just do.

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