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We'll check in with the raptors coming up in a little bit. We'll check in with the warriors. Next, our phone calls are welcome Ryan. In South Dakota leads us off his second hour. Hi, ryan. What do you have for me today? Martin dad morning, the I think it's really easy to play the blame game here. There's a lot of people involved with which ultimately, it's up to Evan Durant. If he wants to. Yes, it didn't sound like nobody, nobody was pressuring him to get out there, actually everything. You've heard from coach from Steve Kerr two other players like Draymond green. It was like, you know, just come back when, when you're ready, there was no pressure to do it. So I think it's again it's easy to play the blame game but ultimately, it's on Kevin. And I don't want to blame him but he made the call. And what happened happened? Yeah. It's fluky, and that's if you've ever seen these injuries, like Dan Marino suffered in Killys terror. And if you watch the play there was nothing that happened during the plays. Very casual David Beckham Koby you know the achilles win it blows. It it just goes and, and it seems, you know cumulative that it's just. The build up the wear and tear now did favoring his right leg in the calf injury. I I'm not a doctor. And I look, I tell you all the medical issues I've had, and that's the one mclovin goes, have you ever had towards the Phillies? I go. No. That's one of the things I never had. Yeah. But it's you're like a game of operation. We say, like I know everywhere every injured, I have on my how did you deal with that? Back in two thousand eleven. Jimmy in Texas. I Jimmy, what do you have for me? Hey, what thing I noticed last night, and the game, I noticed been every time he went to the bench. He. He what? Thank you, Jimmy Kennedy in Louisville. It Kennedy welcome. Hey, dan. How are you? Good, sir. What do you have? I just want to ask you what your thoughts on potentially the story. A couple of days ago with the worst players who are a little confused on why you know, the status of his injury and just wanted to see if you thought that might have anything to do with coming back a little early and just kind of your thoughts, frontier demand. So. Yeah, and you know, there was a column that was written about this that sort of was looking at the unrest in the locker room. I I'm not sure how to categorize it but or clarified. But the it felt like there was some people in the locker room teammates, who were questioning Kevin Durant. And when he was coming back, I you know, I, I don't know what the temperature is in that locker room. But I'm guessing if you're looking at Kevin Durant, you're seeing that he's working. He didn't get to actually go through practices where you're really testing it. That was that was another thing that was surprising here. Do I think that they said Kevin if we clear you are you ready to play? Do you wanna play? How much can you play? How do you feel like all these simple questions that you would ask and the answers aren't always simple because Kevin could probably say, hey, I can I can play. You know, I can shoot. He was out there dunking. He was dancing in the tunnel before the game. The impression was he's good. He's fine. So I, I don't put blame until somebody tells me, there's reason to put blame on somebody, but I look at this is just culpability of, you know, the, the front office, medical staff in K D. Everybody's involved in this decision. But I'm guessing I'm guessing Kevin Durant had the final say so couple of other things Nick nurse calling that time out when Toronto was on a roll. I didn't understand it. You had. You had momentum. I'll talk about it. You here's the coach Nick nurse talking about taking that time out late in the game. I wanted to know the thought process behind calling the time out when we were making a run while the raptors are making their run those two we took it three minute, Mark. Yeah..

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