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You wanna take your kids and go to a game it gets it gets from shirt great price now and sit out in the sun and watch jose reyes at is jubal cabrera a travis dr no and maybe jacob to grab fine but don't sit here at tell me the mets at any chance any chance a getting anywhere near the postseason because if you believe that you're either taunting me or you're an idiot and i don't know which is which so few seem to stephen a smith show podcast in vaguely is giving us the knicks all right now these are not hard and fast automatic does any truth to these these are just a couple of ways that the next in fact could on load carmelo anthony and guys let's be honest that's what this has now become how do we unload carmelo anthony ad for every ten people out there probably eight so yeah a under any circumstance this has to be done and then there's the two people to say why would should build around carmelo anthony to those people they've tried to build around him it has not worked he's not getting younger he's not getting better it is time to move on art here are some of the proposals need tell me what you think deal number one rockets get carmelo knicks get seemingly everyone else erik gordon trevor areza ryan kelly sean long tim quarter men isaiah taylor so really gordon areza plus so a reason as one year gordon i think has three left at a very manageable number on war with that side at all job to the airport were done deal number two involves the next.

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