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A listicle exes she news what makes these donuts special the Dow I gather this data it's different different than regular governance she's right says Cheryl Hateley pike in flower gets these donuts there restructure even though they're packed with cream and eggs the duo's rolled out in sixteen count sheets and slice still by hand normally you would never have to deal with that much heavy cream in it it would collapse so it's a two part does so in order to make every donor you're actually using two does the together sponge dough and a donut so these labor intensive donuts would not work says eighty seven year old Richard Haley if he was not making them with his son and grandkids who have the process down we'll have to do is nod to somebody and look pointed out they know what they have to do and I think we got the recipe from his father who immigrated from Germany after World War one and opened up this corner bakery cramped with chili rolls butter cookies and cheese cake this is Philadelphia but today nobody wants anything but fashion opportunities doesn't have only two hours after the last known as the sole today that he believes will go straight to bed but their rest will not last long already social heavily at the family's soaking currents in preparation for making hot cross buns for Easter Netto Libby NPR news and you're listening to All Things Considered coal fired power plants are being closed across the country in the arid west those plants use a lot of the region's scarce water supplies now with closure dates approaching communities are having sometimes contentious debates about how all this newly freed up water should be used from K. U. N. C. and Colorado Luke Runyon reports it's snowing in downtown Craig Colorado when Jennifer Holloway walks into the local bookstore she runs the city's chamber of commerce and access the start of twenty twenty has been full of mixed emotions it's been hard to face the fact that okay we are needed in January Craig's dominant employer the company operating the nearby coal plant and mine confirmed the rumors it will shut down by twenty thirty because we've been providing electricity for millions of other people and that is a source of pride at first people worried about the loss of jobs at the plant now they wonder what's gonna happen to the sizeable amount of water it uses it's ten times more than all of Craig's nearly nine thousand residents use there is some discussion on this in the community and people have different views but my personal view is that that water needs to be safeguarded for long term environmental usage because Holloway says a healthy environment means a healthy local economy across the west more than thirty five coal plants have either closed recently or are slated for closure in the next fifteen years when you look at a typical call facility it uses an enormous volume of water between highly is CEO of tri state generation and transmission which operates Craig's plant coal plant closures will free up more than two million acre feet of water in western states about as much as the Phoenix metro area uses in a year and the fact that that will be liberated and available for other uses going to be significant significant because in this part of the country it's unheard of for large amounts of water to suddenly become available highly says tri state is already receiving calls from buyers interested in Craig's water drawn from the Yampa river part of the drought plagued Colorado River basin this is a big opportunity to you know make the other decisions more wisely cook Tricia I'm John researched coal plants in their water rights in a grad school project for the nature Conservancy it's one of a few environmental groups interested in buying water from plants slated for closure in Wyoming New Mexico and Arizona and keeping it in reverse it all comes down to who can negotiate with these clients owners and who can make it better claim or make a better offer but with no large scale regulated market for water rights in the Colorado River basin it's hard to say exactly how much money it's worth like Megan Veenstra who would like to see water from the crowd plant stay local place pain if she and her husband run good vibes river rafts life jackets all kinds of stuff just to get you out on the water she says Craig is starting to make a transition that other communities in the west over the last century I have gone through from mining to recreation based economies that's been a boom and bust town for a long time it's time to just kind of get away from that and be just a steady growing town plenty of other growing western cities have the means to pay top dollar for the crowd plants water but moving it from one place to another is in some cases physically or legally impossible and you can count on locals to put up a fight to hold on to it for NPR news I'm Luke Runyon in Craig Colorado this is All Things Considered from NPR news your community can reveal a lot about how you felt any north Carolina's biggest city opinions about the twenty twenty election are all over the place in order to achieve our potential we have to continue to think revolutionary and we can't be afraid to say that millennials today they mean well but then I don't know anything about accountability or responsibility voters in Charlotte share their views on the next morning edition from NPR news that's weekdays on morning edition right here on KCRW KCRW's sponsors include city National Bank the way up since nineteen fifty four they've been dedicated to helping their clients reach their financial goals with a long term approach to relationship banking learn more at C. N. B. dot com member FDIC three forty eight on this Tuesday afternoon my name is Matt Killam in for it Larry Pareil so good every company just ahead on All Things Considered as we wrap up this three o'clock hour the new album from the pop artist Grimes is sung from a unique perspective this one is from the viewpoint of a malevolent goddess who personifies climate change we're gonna get a review from a critic will her he's just in a few minutes as we wrap up the three o'clock hour and be with us coming up in the four o'clock hour of All Things Considered the centers for disease control and prevention is urging Americans to start to prepare for the possibility of a more aggressive corona virus outbreak in the U. S. with details on that coming up in the four o'clock hour is all things considered continues on this Tuesday stay with us time now is three fifty Hey there David green people have lots of stories about their cars that long summer road trip the first hand me down the first car you bought on your own but cars can generate other kinds of stories like the stories you hear on this very station you can donate your old car here's how to do it turn your old friend integrate radio with Casey R. W. we'll take care of everything from pick up to paper work do it today.

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