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Possible way for you have see here and now you have an explosion and if alternately it means the end of the ufc's relationship with dana white which i don't think it sorry we kinda mcgregor which i don't think it does if it does mean that that's an even bigger blow to the ufc because they need to find the next conor mcgregor yeah i completely agree we talked about this on spain in fifth last night there are certain guys that sort of become bigger than their sport tiger woods is one of them and a lot of people would argue that lately conor mcgregor has become bigger than the sport and when you lose that name and you lose that brandon that personality that's tough to rebuild at the same time part of conor mcgregor is brand a big part of it and this is not to take away from his prowess as a fighter but his mouth is how we all i heard about him right his trash talking his his sharp wit his clever barbs that was how we kind of all i started to know of conor mcgregor so when you are validated so much for this personality this brand this sort of being a heel then when you take it to this extent there are a lot that are still going to be on your side but you might have lost the the people in the middle the thing that really hits me again as i've been to a bunch of the events in vegas i used to go a lot with my brother out there like i've i've watched to the stuff for years i'm not a passionate fan but i'm a fan of it the fact that dana white can sit there and one breath and say this is the most disgusting thing that's ever happened to to you have see and then when he's asked if the work together again he's like well you know i don't know i just don't know the answer to that right now is such a slap in the face in the entire process i mean i don't expect dana white to say anything else other than this wasn't staged and other than this is awful but at least back it up with a little bit.

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