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He says the four were having a family party when the body of the plane plowed through the home eventually landing in a ravine in the back of the house live in Yorba, Linda, Corbin Carson KFI news. A member of the Ventura County sheriff's search and rescue team that was killed while helping people involved in a crash has now been identified. Fifty year old Jeff die of Thousand Oaks was heading to a training session in Kern county with other volunteer Saturday when they saw the crash and stopped to help Di was killed when a car went off the road and plowed into the group. Three other volunteers were hurt. Two of them remain in critical condition. The governor of Virginia has pledged to prove a racist yearbook photo is not of him the picture in governor Ralph northbound's nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook shows one person black face another in a K K K hood, my belief that I did not wear that costume or attend that party stems in part from my clear memory of other mistakes I made in the same period of my life. He says he's not in the yearbook photo. But says he. He did use black face that same year as part of a Michael Jackson costume. He asked Virginians for forgiveness. But many activists say that he should resign actor Liam Neeson says he's ashamed to admit. He once thought of killing a black man after finding out someone close to him had been raped niece made the comment while talking about a new movie he's in about a dad out for violent revenge. When his son is killed Nissan called his reaction to the rape horrible and says it taught him a lesson about the primal need for revenge. A Hawaiian state lawmaker has proposed a total ban on cigarette. Sales. Alex stone says the new Bill would rapidly drive up the minimum buying age. It would begin next year raising the age to buy cigarettes to thirty years old right now in Hawaii you have to be twenty one to buy cigarettes in a couple of years, the age limit would become one hundred Hawaii would be the first state with such an extreme ban on cigarettes. The Bill would not apply to e cigarettes cigars or chewing tobacco. We have some roadwork going on on the. Five in Burbank. Profound side of the five red wine. Boy, the vista they had to stop.

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