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The best foreignborn player and i'm looking for somebody to top this best foreignborn major league baseball player of all time gotta be roberto clemente data and here we go five checking it on the on the cast rejects on roberto clemente fernando valenzuela yeah fernando valenzuela kind of a flood woman is he on your about rush more because he certainly not better at baseball that each euro is a baseball if you're gonna rent these guys as far as who's one are the best friend of else will of one of the best rookie seasons ever share for a picture was he and asked haq is that right mile mayan and there were rumors the him like being upwards of forty forty five years old still pitching down in mexico in weeks red thread of else will rub arm roberto clemente people checking in with 95 says mariano rivera yeah he's on my list are out of her husband totally perez flag guerrero robbie alamar larry walker miguel cabrera if i'm building about rush more for me i'm going probably each euro up there he's on line one because he's one of my favorites i'm an ichiro agai you think about how we came over this is a guy who had been playing professional baseball in japan since the midnineties he comes over a not only does when rookie of the year he went an mvp in two thousand one he wins that mvp the your barry bonds hit seventy three home russ this guy had two hundred forty hits he had eight home runs he want an mvp in the steroid era because of his speed because he could get on pace definitely one of the greatest hitters over he won a silver slugger and a gold glove in a rookie of the year and an mvp in the air that barry bonds is hitting seventy three home runs how about sammy sosas sammy sosa had baby five six of the greatest cities seasons offensively anybody will ever have you got to arrest steroids in his i'm not doing this based on will.

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