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If you've been there, please tell me what cheap food items, I can get near the cash registers in general or an India. No, India, I don't I think best price modern wholesale is only India, I'll just the name of the company best price. Modern wholesale is the name of the store that is a subsidiary of WalMart operating in India. They may have just while called it big ass door with big ass products. I thinking about this do they just refer to it as best price. Because that wouldn't we have best buy like that wouldn't seem strange to me. But like Deary, I'm going to best price mutter wholesale. Like sounds like a mouthful let short in that BPM w India listeners. I know you're out there. Please write in and tell us about your experiences with just about anything, actually. Okay. Next story. Let's talk about some more fashion musical chairs. John target left. Marc Jacobs after get this two months. Two months of working at the company. Target is a designer and the co founder of the label Baja east he joined Marc Jacobs to run the company's lower priced offerings. So Marc Jacobs used to have Marc by Marc Jacobs. And that was their lower priced designer goods. It did really. Well, so well. That it was bringing in about eighty percent of the company's revenue, but Marc Jacobs decided to get rid of that line and said they were going to consolidate some things come out with new product and target was going to be the head of that LVMH which owns Marc Jacobs said in a statement, quote, John Tarr, gone is a talented designer, and we appreciate the work. He has done here. Ultimately, working together did not make sense for the brand. And we wish him the best Rocard who good Basser, wait. So what was he doing prior to this role for two months? So he's the co founder of Baja east which is its own brand. And so he's going to go back to work on that company was a designer us working for that. Marc Jacobs has been through a lot the past couple months as Lisa reported a couple of weeks ago, he got engaged at japodlay. But the company as a whole has been going through some changes, many of the original designers were fired. Before target arrived. So he could bring in his own people. But now that he's gone they're gone to which means Marc Jacobs and his chief executive officer are starting from scratch. So what does it mean for the company? I think it remains to be seen. I'm a little confused by this news because I understand that he worked there for about two months and his purpose was to work on the lower the lower end of the price spectrum for Marc Jacobs. But they decided to consolidate those lines at least a year ago. So he was working on the next iteration of whatever that was it wasn't going to be marked by Marc Jacobs. They may have had some plant that they haven't announced to the public that we were unaware of conspiracy theory. Do you think he was brought in for the sole purpose of helping plan the flash mob at chapel lay? So Mark Jacobs could propose. I think he's too talented of designer just to do that. Although it is a curious theory that I would like to propose as well. I'm just about having theories that I can't back up. We'll consult the ouija board on that one. The man didn't even figure out how to use a coffee machine. What can you do it two months? Wait, do you know that for sure or no, I'm taking a guess about the first two months you have at a job anywhere. What are you learning? You're learning the person's name across from you. Her name is Brenda probably that coffee pot comment reminded me of an old school Gawker blind item where it would be like this liberty with a reputation of liking younger women was seen at the such and such. But it also seems very realistically. A new designer at very reliable fashion house can't figure out how to use the coffeemaker. No that I totally made up. Let's not start any rumors. I'm just guessing about what you can learn two months about your office. You're still get your see licks like you just figured out how your health insurance works. If that if you got it immediately, sometimes I'll wait ninety days..

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