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Happens on the other side for instance when a whole group of people crossover simultaneously bruins the tooth we actually had the lifeline program going when nine eleven happened right and by then they had trained i think several hundred people in this and even before knowing the news a lot of them felt sleepy and kind of put their head on the desk or even there at starbucks whatever that was at that time and began to the rescue work in what they tended the report as croup was as they would arrive there at the world trade center they found this amazing vortex of light around the whole thing and any let's call them angels helping nonphysical themes from the other side as well as lots of humans who we might call shamans applying their energies to help those people with a sudden transitions that they had just experienced but and i've done one person that came through lifeline it was made it his specialty to go back to concentration camps dot cow in wash whitsitt center and continues to clear any energies that might be there because again time is very different on the other side than here and that's why prayer i mean one of the things i've been taught through my studies in husidic judaism is that no matter where we stand if it's a graveyard or place where a you know a car accident has happened or animals died on the road if we say a prayer we can elevate what we say.

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