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Rate offer cost information conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states and MLS number thirty thirty W. CBN news time six oh three I'm Michael Phil ability on the six eighty W. CB Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour over a dozen people were shot in four people are dead from a weekend of violence in Baltimore fifteen people shop between Friday and Sunday and the total number of murders in the city now exceeds thirty six adults and three kids were hurt in an early morning fire yesterday in northeast Baltimore on Plainfield Avenel one person involved says the fire started when someone threw a cocktail bomb through their window three kids are still hospitalized the adults have been treated and released one person is dead from a multi car crash involving eight vehicles and a pedestrian on the B. W. parkway this morning near the New York Avenue split in high it's built in sports on the ice the caps finish a four game home stand tonight against the New York Islanders pro hoops the wizards host the Chicago Bulls tomorrow night in Baltimore forty seven degrees forty six in Pikesville forty seven in Sykesville reporting at six oh four I'm Michael Phil abilities six eighty WCBS news hi I'm attorney Steven free as many of you know the law offices of Michael Friedman have been representing injured victims of auto accidents and other negligent acts for over thirty five years over the years we have learned that what really matters to our clients is getting back to health and resuming their line our goal was to handle the obstacles that might prevent or slow down the recovery process such as arranging for auto repairs obtaining a car rental assuring the best medical care and handling any other immediate concerns that any person or family faces after a serious accident of course at the end of the day our responsibility is to obtain a fair and just monetary award that will compensate our clients for the injury and pain and suffering.

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