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So keesa the day after the houston chronicle or runs the story questioning how the houston texans could not have known this even though as you please said keep didn't know about it keeps called into his gm's office and waved and at that time and keith will tell you that he had had two good years and was slated to be number three on the depth chart as far as wide receivers go and you know what's really more amazing about this story is what in keith will tell you how much he overcame from his childhood where he came from self taught to become an academic all american and outstanding athlete and escape would is by all accounts a very rural town in southern georgia that seems to be one and i visited him there that would be hard to get out of and he has this the success they have a keith mum free day in his town the pride and joy of this small town and now who not only is his nfl career over but he can't even get into a graduate school if you wanted to continue studies and get a master's degree somewhere so keith couple questions what was it like you're a guy who you know obviously had put everything into football and you were a very excited about it you're you're on an nfl team you're doing really well what was that day like when you found out they're not gonna back you on this false charge man talk you know the wall came crashing down 'cause he knows how to feed my family you know growing up seeing my mom brother breaking ties and chicken corporation making ten dollars for twenty years that's all i could think about the people who took care i mean and now have a way to pay them back and help them finance so the one of the main reason 'cause i always pray to god you know asking let me be the breadwinner so for me to be a man and not be a bad one it's take care of my family contain to take care of my family so andrew where where where does it go from here.

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