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Also racked up the most sales of the summer. It was never in doubt. Yeah, well, I don't know. Shane really thought it. Well, he kept throwing, like, like, you know, could it be? No. Could it be no. So here's him clarify something for me, please. So that was butter, right? Right. Okay. That's the number one song of this summer. Yes, this summer, So we kind of were doing two things that we're doing The top 10 all time summer songs. That was yesterday. That was yesterday. Do we get to number one yesterday? Are we still doing? Yeah, we do. We did. Yeah, You don't remember Now. What song was it? Oh, Rick Astley. Never going to get No, No. Are you sure? But please do that again. Not at all These things just come out. It's kind of like a Everett was puff Daddy. The tributes every breath, the biggie. That one was number one of all time of all times. The number one song is, um, er of all time, alright, based on sales based on the gather some sort of formula, right? But this year, it's butter. Yeah, by BTS. Yeah, I guess. You know. How do you argue with that? It's been number one for you Know, weeks many we? Yeah, for weeks. Anyway. 69 Santana 65 for you in Santa Monica, 71 San Bernardino and Camera e 0 64 degrees. You know Samra here. Not only when he would do that story. He would tell you how he danced with them. He likes to say that you want answered them. Well, they were here, right? Yeah, I'm just saying he just He just likes to mention that it's and he's not here to mention. So I'm mentioning for him. You know, that's how we worked. In fact, he emailed me and said, Hey, if you talk about butter, will you remind people that idea that's with them and he did with, uh, But the group Yeah. Kate, Chris and Megan. I'd love to continue on talking about this, but really, you do need to let me get to whether that is my job, and I'd like to do it from time to time. High pressure is in control. Now keep might listen. Nothing is new. If you've been with us at all this week, I really have been saying the same thing that there's anything wrong with that. But I'm just saying there's not much change in the forecast. We still have high pressure. It still dominates. It does move around. It goes in through Arizona, and then it goes into Utah. Then it goes into New Mexico, and it does that because it's just natural that it would do that is it kind of moves in to fill in empty airspace. That's how this works with higher and lower pressure. But as it moves, it changes things that may add a couple degrees. It made decreased a couple degrees. It may pull into some of that monsoon moisture. And through Arizona and pull it in and all of that is happening. So it's moving, bringing us a little bit of a warm up through our inland valleys. It'll move again tonight and through tomorrow, then it will start bringing some moisture and bring the chance of thunderstorms to the mountains and desert sets tomorrow. Then it moves by the weekend that will open the door for a little bit more of a sea breeze. There's a modest cool down and then it really should become less of an influence. Next week, we'll get back to some lower pressure. Back to some morning clouds back to cooler weather. So hang in there for that in the Orange County, looking at lower nineties upper nineties to the foothill areas next week, there is a cool down as we mentioned for everybody. San Fernando Valley 12345 days with the possibility of six straight days of triple digits that is a hot forecast. Ginger And it's so hot that Ginger is upset. She has left the building. I'm going to go try to calm her down because we need traffic from her. And we'll do that in the next hour. More news, weather traffic coming up right after the plane Me. You can kill Alexa can do way more than just eavesdrop on your conversations. She can also play a m 7 90 KBC for you Just say Alexa enabled the K.

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