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Doctor on my first visit my co pay I've been on Medicare since nineteen ninety three. My year gets to me worse and worse, and you know, people immensely. Gave up on getting any treatment. That's where I'm glad you. They give up or they go after the cheap stuff off the streets. When I can live down the street. You know, the Mexicans are leading across with backpacks. Ten dollars rather heroin Russia, so one hundred dollar actually cop. But where are you going choose? And that's and that's the thing they do this. It's gonna wind up like it happened before where people are going to turn to heroin, and we're really going to have a problem. And then they'll say see we told you that was the opioid crisis. No people that took their prescriptions they were supposed to we're being punished, and they were forced into having getting cheaper cheaper drugs in order to just survive. And and then we've got the Mexican cartels recently the nail mix on the on the young kids on the young kids today fence. League loss to kill heroin users. That's why it's on the streets. It's there to wipe out the heroin users. There's no doubt. And then the and then the main farmer, you know, the the Narconon I've been in situations whereas saying people at the emergency rain getting injected with Larkin LAN and then say. And the very next day. They go down and OD in the bathroom at Safeway or something. Up in price too. Having any kind of Narcan. That is not even is not even an affordable idea anymore. Well now initiative to every law enforcement officer. I mean, they have the car. Person. It's because offense and all in how it's in how it's very dangerous. And that's the thing is it is very dangerous. But see these are these are areas where yes, we have a problem these are areas where this is this is the cartels putting this.

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