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Dot org's or call 808 3538 to 1 today. 6 18 traffic and weather on the AIDS. Here's Dave Tilden. Well, thank goodness. Tomorrow is the rainy day. Today was bad enough highways were Max down for much of the midday and afternoon now this evening to laser less intense, but on the Beltway still slow on the inner loop, the Dulles toll road in Maryland in on the outer loop into Annandale in Springfield, a crash on the right shoulder after Braddock and slow from telegraph across the Wilson Bridge that's much improved over earlier North down 3 95 still slow but moving steady or now across the Potomac. The 14th Street bridge with a crash clear 95 still and get away. The mod still fighting with long volume delays between Springfield and Fredericksburg, 66 westbound remaining heavy through Centerville, but the disabled vehicle that tied up the left lane beyond 29. Successfully cleared about 2025 minutes ago. Still slow merge off of the north end of route 28 to go from sterling to Ashbourne and westbound on Route seven. The crash along the left side of the ramp ramp Traffic does get buy into Maryland heavy on the interleukin two silver spring and on the outer loop through land over and green felt they were looking for one unconfirmed report of a disabled vehicle near New Hampshire Avenue to 70 North bound, slowed a couple stretches Gaithersburg and Clarksburg. Holiday light festival displays on 1 17 Clapper Road towards Seneca Creek State Park toward Watkins Regional Park on 1, 93 and potentially slow merge off of Route 50 Auto Oceanic Drive toward Sandy Point and Lights on the bay but on route 50 without delay across Broadneck for now, now through the end of the year, Van Meter is celebrating the holiday season by giving you up to $15,000 in savings toward a brand new home. Learn more by visiting bandleader homes dot com slash savings. Dave Tilden wt o p. Traffic All right,.

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