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Mind striatum used because she gets a bomb bother you think some call you gonna get caught off guard you say well Jeez and then all of a sudden you know after bill but you start so the slapping yourself and saying that she just another be expelled yep yep happens all the time doesn't it on further review there is nothing here yeah yeah that's like Russian collusion for Russian Russian collision for years and now they just walked off the news media there's like well under the next thing that and as I what what about those two years of pure on filtered B. S. that you guys were selling and they're like well you know we're just now Ukraine and that's so they're just they're pathological liars it's I don't know how you can explain it otherwise I couldn't live with myself I used to be a journalist I'm a better journalist to this day I gave up journalism I better journalist and then Chuck Todd is for god's sake port chunk he's not a very very loyal frustrating because yeah I mean these people I mean they're they're willing to give up national security of the United States and and and and and bass of these bad because it's just like this guy just got got killed who deserve to be killed many years ago and and get this started with a fellow like this is Justin sign Justin sang Justin sane and look at him I mean Jason you're given an opportunity to side with America's enemies on they jumped at the opportunity hello right I got great stuff coming up thank you Jason get your voice I got a great shot I got I'm going to play some free right after the break here I want to see if this is happening to you in your life I've got a little story to tell it's about robo calls and it's it's funny and bizarre at the same time you're listening to the Chris Plante show Washington W. a Washington comes to talk Chris plant is brought to you by cornerstone first financial.

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