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Mac all right that's that's a port great one julian ataman michael crabtree michael crabtree very not going away i close i mean super close i'll take jillian ataman we're looking a little bit jeremy macklin yes morning and how poor he performed in baltimore after a down year in kansas city michael crabtree had the down your last year you hope it doesn't go the same way for him probably won't flacco saint some nice things about crappy but i have my doubts obviously ataman coming off the injury i leaned the ataman direction and that is a tom brady tom brady joe flacco thing it's funny because your lighting with joe flacco eileen just want you to know eileen the crabtree but i don't want to my heart my hearts with no no no you're joe you're joe flacco truth or there's one thing that i know you i wanted not stand for this some nice things about him in the past before but that was more like you know maybe maybe he cannot be terrible maybe he gets the alex smith you know patrick mahomes comes in as drafted now now he's willing to throw the ball downfield but i don't think flacco should a rule in fantasy football where if the narrative for why you're going to be good takes more than two sentences you're not going to be probably not gonna be good that's how i feel about amari cooper s discussion you're like well i mean you do be really hurt i mean who puts up drop numbers like that who catches fifty percent of their passes the hurt guy that's who might just be not as good as you and we'll see.

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