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House. But it's the bad news is it's almost if not sold out. Yeah. They actually tried to get her to do the second night. And I'm convinced they could sell a second night. Right. But you wouldn't do it blown up hadn't? She. She's she's she's big. I mean, she so is that also August when is when is it's all part of music music week is from August twenty third to September two. Gotcha. So it takes you from the closing of the opera that last weekend of the opera right through Labor Day weekend. Includes as over celebrating the entertainment for job is yet to be announced. I've never seen them of you the yet to be announced. Yeah. They're around a lot. Okay. You hear about them a lot? But it's hard to see them having. Yeah. I picked up on that good. And then we we we're putting together the program that's going to be on the bandstand Brazil, be music. It looks like maybe the red Elvis's will be here on the Saturday. Okay. Which would be really kind of fun. They're doing a gigging in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jimmy Gilmore stop fireballs were here last year. Jimmy gilmer is going to be part of the bandstand. The regular bandstand, right? And then we're, of course, the platinum music awards are on the Friday Friday night. It's either Friday or Saturday night. I guess it is of the the very beginning of music week. Okay. And and we hope to some of the honorees, maybe we'll be able to use them on the bandstand a couple of times because I don't know if you've been to the platinum uses awards, but they do entertainment, but guess, but it's not the recipient entertain Joe west or. Yeah. Johnno Manson honoring one of the honorees, which is a lot of fun. The entertainment is terrific. But the idea maybe if the Anna REEs are in the music business, they they're performing. We could have them on the vans following it'd be yeah. So it'd be fun to try to do that try to incorporate that the Lee Burke word this year goes to Candyman strings and things with. Yeah. They're really excited, and we'll be doing the show. There on the thirty first Friday thirty first because they're also turning fifty years old. Oh, that's really cool of this thirty first what me of me. Oh, wow. Mayor will be there are secretary of department cultural fares will be there. David Schwartz from the plan to music ores. So we're gonna and we're working on a. Jeff bridges, really because he's he's a customer of theirs is the big time customers supporters of Candyman. Well, I invite me to be there to Jeff and his horse. Though Percy wrote in. Right. That's called him. What Apollo or something? I don't know. Anyway. Yeah. Anyway. So that's all right. So now, the really cool thing is you've gone from music week right now, you're going to be doing we're going to other weeks. This year will be introducing art week. We are we are weak is going to be July twelve to twenty one. So it starts the weekend of international folk, art market. We know that's going to be full. And then the following weekend is art Santa Fe, the annual art show that happens at the convention center. The ideas use those as the book ends of art week, and then on the interim we've got about sixty five events that have already been scheduled for the Sunday through Thursday events at galleries as I as I said to the galleries each event is not big enough to bring people in. But when you pile sixty of them together. It really is going to be an attraction. So the mission here is to get people who come for international folk art market to stay longer or if they're coming in for the art Santa Fe to come in earlier. And so that's going to be and and on Wednesday of that week. Which would I think be July seventeenth there'll be an art crawl on canyon road and an art and wine crawl and you'll be able to literally get a glass of wine and walk from gallery gallery. Like they did in the old days of dangerous. You could end up spending your entire kids. Inheritance with glass of wine and art in a glass of free wine. There you go. We're not even charging for the one. All right. If people want to be in it, if they're going to be me me me me. Can I get my gallery in it? Can they still, of course of contact you? Yes. And or the there's an art week website now that Santa fair week that they can go on and register an event as well. Okay. Still room still, oh, there's there's room until it's over. I mean, this is we want these weeks the this whole week series to you know, we already have film week we already have restaurant week. So now music week came in last year are week this year and next year. The intent can we now know that we sure can there's a nonprofit group that's putting together lit week which literature week, right? But they want to call it lit week. I guess in honor of Colorado, but it's lit week. Okay. We still get lit get lit. Okay. No. And so it'll be all about obviously book. We just sounds a little bit boring so lit week sounded a little more fun. And so it'll be but it'll be authors. Poets native storytellers it is a storytelling week. And that's and that'll be a little bit of shorter week. That'll be a Tuesday through the weekend. The last weekend of April in twenty twenty. Okay. And few towns of size of. Of Santa Fe with all the amenities that we have sport, the number of incredible authors, we have I mean, you know, you could start with George, but you know, Doug, Preston bazillion books. He south Hampton sides, you know, and growing every year and his popularity in the work. He's accumulating, you know, Michael mcgarity in the great authors. We don't even know about it will be absolutely all these great fiction on James McGrath. Moore's one of the best biography writers on the planet poetry. We're going to include in bookstores and booksellers and all that possibly as. Well, absolutely. All of the great addition. We think it's going to be a lot of fun. And then so then we'll have one two three four five specialty weeks at night, the whole concept of this is to build a week around each of the pillars that make Santa Fe. So fun really giant events. We have here like wine and your Spanish marketer Indian market or the opera as right, right? But each one of those head they're starting time. So I hope twenty years from now this series of weeks. We'll be as big as as the ones you just mentioned every one of those the opera was a startup at one time international folk art market was a startup, and it's only twelve years old. I think now it is it has been the the one that's on an absolute trajectory on a tear back rainy Randall. So she is coming next year. No, actually in August or name is Casey most graves, but it's already either sold out or darn close. And what gritty expensive few tickets that are left. If you've got a good cheap ticket Randy need one. They can't even afford to go to his own event..

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