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See i always fuck epa carry okay so you knew the gis though they were getting down in the sand yes sir i thought it was emily may i choose love la roller earnings up here um okay next summer fleeing movie the notebook alley noah irate what is it stop thinking about what everyone wants sat thinking about what i want what your blank want what do you want alley what your parents want very good as always about the parents yes parents get in the way with summer fling sometimes sure do just like in the movie dirty dancing which are next quotas from grave look you've gotta understand what it's like baby you come from the streets and suddenly you're up here in these women they are throwing themselves out yet and they blanked so good and they really take care of themselves sza it's not dance so good because up site to obvious and they off thuc um i know this part it's not like low greasy do with like before early blonde hair i come patrick swayze oh it's pat oh oh no i thought it was his friend i thought it was like a little squirming friend no um it's johnny castle himself out damn are he's not square me um and they oh and day i and they move so good uh the smell so goodbye dan rich ladies smell good oh yeah yeah they do smuggled they got that chanelle number five a okay now we have another greece quote men are rats listens me their fleas on rats worse than that they're blank on fleas on rats i share this is on i should know people are probably will assume is like going crazy okay that please on you good accent girlfriend uh love their flooded ranches he work he what could be worse than a full lee on a ride i know this part in the movie fair to lease on rats they're might some fleas on rats.

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