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It's the same technology that goes into the batteries that we put in a laptop is the same battery technology that we're building at the gigafactory that go into Tusla automobiles totally or it's the same cameras that we have. We do a a lot of broadcast cameras and we make cameras. I cinema so those same cameras that camera technology goes into our security cameras so that when you're capturing the three sixty images to see who's maybe taking something that doesn't belong to them. You're getting that image quality in a security and surveillance surveillance video camera so we used the same technology the mark from a marketing perspective we don't really there really isn't isn't much consumer marketing in the US now for Panasonic brands. It's more the B. Two B. space is really what we're is the storytelling these days. I know you gotTa to get out of here very soon but I wanted to do some quick some quick lightning round fasten easy questions see you already the lightning room since because you listen to the show but I'll I'll sprinkle in some some some other ones careful fast easy questions just like marketing automation to make sure part. Are you ready. I'm ready number one. What campaign have you done in your that your favorite oh. That's a really good question. I would have to say so was nineteen. I've been around a really long time but nine thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I did a commercial for the super. Bowl was working at at and T. and it was a campaign to the music from the go. Go's our lips are sealed and it okay. This is ninety eight so today it won't sound so freakish but in ninety eight we made the stuff up so it was about Angela Angela and Angela's at her the lightning round. This is a long answer sorry. She's at the lunch table in junior high school and she tells her friends she likes Bobby Templeton before the end of the day. It's on text email cell phone. You know it's all throughout the school she gets home. She's just disgusted. Even her mother knows and the only reason our mother other news because bobby was in the living room waiting to see her because he liked her two. That's it was kind of a fun commercial and that it was kind of fantasy at that point in time and but now it's everyday life that's crazy so I mean yeah so you're just kind of leaning forward on what was going to be able to be yeah. China say well at that point in time. We're talking about some day. Cellphones will be your only phone now. We're living that you know who has a landline anymore. What about your least favorite keping. Oh that's an easy one so so again at at and T. I shot a commercial very large expense. That never made the light of day. It was a really funny commercial we shot it up in Canada with an up and coming director actor who's now like wickedly famous but at the time he was a young guy and it was really funny but at the same point in time the head of marketing for at and T. at the time decided decided we were going to have a very serious unified voice and so all senior managers were at the agency that day to have that conversation and we go show are rough cut. How how do you like it and you just got the death stare and so that was my hello judy that was the name of the commercial and it was my first produced but never never aired word sounds the commercial it was about international long distance calling and it was really fun and lighthearted and tongue in cheek but they he wanted to get very serious than you know emotional and all this other stuff so it was totally off the wall. It was kind of like fraternity house almost ish kind of a funny silliness. The world knows we need way more serious content from when I mean I. I know that there's some funny commercials that backfire but that did not have any chance of back firing. I mean it was funny. It just decided it wasn't on brand. They were going in a new direction sent for you know so rolling. Would you do for fun for fun. I ride horses. Oh I'm a crazy horse showgirl. They're all I I hang out with teenage girls. We ride horses and go horse shows together. Our Producer Hillary was in New York and show Horsa. Oh that's so cool yeah yeah. She steals her but she might see our at some more shows. My horse's name is Bob. Oh shallow. I can't wait to get home mm to Sam. What apper using your phone? This most fun probably probably instagram. It's how we keep in touch with my kids. How I keep in touch with my friends. I learn a lot. I like to think that's how I stay young. Stay in touch with the young people so for vacation. Asian spot branding Ham Lake New York We have a family house up there for generations. My children are fifth generation. That's on the lake so oh yes and when we go up there it's teeny tiny town farm town where it some Western. New York like Western side of the park to us. I spend a Lotta time cops in New York so there's watertown. There's a big military base on orders yeah yeah for trump. Exactly what are you most excited about for the future marketing. That never stops changing that like I said I'm I've always sort of been in start up mode in in my career. I don't like to stay in do the same thing I want to start it up. Kick it off and then Kinda handed off to somebody. You know status. Quo Is just not my thing so the thing that I'm most excited sided about marketing is that it's constantly changing. There's new technology new ways of doing things. It's constantly improving and I sort of unlike inefficiency junkie. I just WanNa always do a better faster smarter cheaper. Whatever so the opportunity to do that and to do some really cool. Things is what makes me so excited about marketing space. What question do you never get asked that. You wish we had asked you today. Oh God that's a great question I would. I would like to be asked the question. How would you like to lead this new organization. Let's go to great things. That's the question I always like to get us. How would would you lead this. Organizations can do great things first of all. I think I would find folks who are really excited and passionate about doing great. Things were committed to do it. You know one of the speakers recently said while we're here at serious decisions conference. What are you willing to die for and then live for that and I think thank. I don't know that I'm willing to die for my work but I do take pretty seriously probably to the extreme and I want to work shoulder to shoulder with people who are that s enthusiastic mean to me. The opportunity to do good work is really the reward for that work so I like to have the opportunity to try. New Things is to be with people who are going to have fun whether you win lose or draw you know there's something to learn when you lose and there's things to learn all the time but you know it's awfully really fun. When you hit a home run and you want campaign that's wildly successful but that doesn't happen every time but being able to still enjoy the journey when you're working through something that maybe maybe isn't pleasant or doesn't go well or you know you're all set to go in one direction and you get the whole gotTa go left now. You know you're frustrated by that but so what does move on Susan it was great having you on. We've got to get you to the I hope. The only lighting thing I see today is right here at the salesforce fifth but this is great. You're awesome so much. It was my pleasure talking with the toxin okay cheers. Thanks for listening.

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