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At this guy saying that we got the story wrong lou call back tommy won being a baby what i'm talking about a five year old kid who was killed well riding and a tv with his dad in his last what is that flipped josh shirt was trying to make a you turn on the road twenty sped up over a grass mound tire support our broke causing a tv to roll several times josh and his son eli flew off the a tv josh as serious injuries the worst of which to the fact that his son is dead that's an irrefutable fact if you hadn't put his kid on his lap only a tv his kid would probably still be a live today i mean it could be a reporter from the story to give us better from a shame david where you out the location serve david yeah i know probably but we also i'm jeffrey suspended four games for violating p deep also just in time for fantasy football player i get to break four he's he's done can't catch a break as well people calling up but then when the key puts him on whole day they get nervous has their trolls oh david yes the hell do go ahead yeah they share thank you first story that you go it is very cool eric because i was a little when it happened i'm leaving so i just see no from abc action news website easy action news dot they lose that download go look just shirt tank butler trout larry pill for the struggling oh okay it it is so knowledgeable we're and they didn't borderless rubber film there were gonna say that he'd speaker running a slick season phone issues calder fascinating today's up because of the moment it's the mode it's a superman effect is stupid and it was a making people stupid so what was he was he refuting what hat what did or didn't happen i'm worried off the story a pull county families and morning after a five year old little boy a was killed riding.

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