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Man i was. I was such a bad program and six months ago. I've had those experiences where you jump on a project and they expect you to adhere to their conventions conventions are completely not what you have been doing with just take casing for example you know Camel case with an underscore for you know things that are passed to api or maybe managers or whatever cal casing pascal casing for method parameters all of those things that you do completely expect you on day one. Just throw that away and you away young. The second part is you have the idioms from the world. And then we have the idioms hair And often the idioms here are unwritten. Holies undocumented you know i can look in the county that i can say that consistent across the painting something that no one in right mind would day. But you're all doing it so so we'll okay with that. There's a lovely phrase. That the even why i attributed to sign even he may know. Remember saying it would rather things consistently wrong than inconsistently anything because there's nothing you can do with inconsistency. Nothing lied anything. I learned to here is i cannot ashim over here right right. And they continue. Just channing and channing day what justice figure out what you did so that doesn't mean that things that decision is might want something Ticket never changes. it means. You need a very deliberate strategy around changing those things so that say that we're going to move from. Javascript frameworks right. 'cause that that's nothing changes. That has a half life of about twenty minutes and this is easy to get on. They using angula one but using angular one from before they did the thing with the thing that thing easier or whatever it might be in your on angular two hundred forty seven and therefore mini since last jealous. Zero immediately is june twenty second and they are on angular eleven. Really yes well. That's because eleven is anger. Actually it's not. That's not perpendicular is.

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