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To pursue that yes and the young as you can see to try and pursue that yes that yes will come and that time will come and thank you did i left to is for people he got to realize it's not about getting a know if it's from a person who you don't even want to hear yes from so for me i always try to remind myself the only people that i care if they say no to me or if they're hater a naysayer is if it's somebody that i want to be getting a yes from and so from their remit remind yourself you don't need everyone in the world to love you if you do your stuff up for failure and it's important to remember it just like in marketing or sales you got to have a niche you've got to have a target customer audience that you're specifically going after and it's the same thing in life relationships in business the own people that you want to have beer lovers and giving you the yes should be a specific sygmunt in the marketplace you should be getting knows from lots of other people 'cause you're product service who you are whatever shouldn't be the right fit for everybody and if it is probably not going to be successful so you shouldn't you should not worry about the naysayers and the haters and people giving you know if there from the industry segmentation of the audience that you don't even care if you get a usrun what you think about that though i agree in every time i pitch new company idea and i and my friends that the street bhutto would do that it's more of a motivator for me because i know my friends and i know the way they think and if they say no then i know got something and i think i found for some some more people have heard have more from other entrepreneurs they got a note from their wife that's pretty much done is good right so i definitely take that.

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