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Match Limitations Apply coincidental Minors at 6 30 of the third period, Eric Stall and Eric, Turn it Each Get two for rubbing. Four on four favor either team in your mind, Joe Micheletti. Well to me. It favors Tampa Bay because they've got the higher end offensive player. So See who Tampa Bay is going to start with. They're gonna start more a little bit on the defensive side here. Cirelli was a really good two way player. Comes out. He starts up front. At center. It is the older with Palat is that the But I think I think Tampa Bay comes out with a little bit more of a defensive structure on this four and four, as does Montreal. Actually, it is a defensive zone draw, but Canadians controlled, you know, behind the net would liken it. Spins it right point. Weber walks the line, Sherrod spreads it to the left point and angles it off. The end Boards center back in front of Sharon can't get a shot proved as that was blocked by Anthony Cirelli. Cirelli now circles back into his own zone of it and leaves it for Victor Hedman. Never a bad idea had been ahead for pellet. Is it right back to the former Norris Trophy winner and across the line to his defense partner, It's John Rueda Rueda trying to force his way to the corners. Sherrod gives him a rough ride. I think we'll see the big guns on the ice here shortly all Eight players on the ice, all good defensive players. Ever delivered a couple of cross checks to Palat puck sports into the slot..

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