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So. Parents comfortable with some uncomfortable truths, okay, one of them is that they may not be a single best answer from a science standpoint, and therefore the uncomfortable truth is, we may be going into the fall doing the best we can without a reliable answer and I know that's frustrating for parents, but that may be in fact where we are. I think it's one hundred percent where we're going to be. Even more explicitly than you did. There was not a single best answer here and your host is trying to physical college campus this fall. My daughter's trying to go to physical college campuses fall in. We don't know whether that's going to happen. It may happen. It may not if it does happen, she may have to return home. It's point things may have to close down and so we have to be to your point, which is really important one. We have to be very We have to get used to that almost a comfortable..

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