Netflix, Cbs News, Senator Lindsey Graham discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


To downtown at the 10minute trip a three minutes slow down and 894 northbound hail to the zoo of fourteen minute ride eight minutes slower than normal that's just due to heavy traffic mike spaulding wtmj poet w i got com timesaver traffic sunny today eighty two partly cloudy tonight lows in the low to mid 60s at seventy degrees in milwaukee seven thirty wanted wtmj cbs news update president trump upping the ante in the war of words with north korea warning they will be he met with fire and puree like the world has never seen wide ranging reaction to the rhetoric on cbs this morning senator lindsey graham president trump has basically drawn a red line saying that he'll never allow north korea to have an icbm missile that can hit a miracle the nuclear weapon on top he's not gonna let that happen north korea respond saying it could tie argued guam next chatham house north korea expert patricia lewis can't have eric com got it it could reassure and cracking down on netflix okay a poking out a hand what eight t h from cbs news correspondent ben tracy next week north korea celebrates its liberation day and some analysts have said that that might be an opportunity for kim jong own to launch yet another missile or conduct his country six underground nuclear test cbs news update i'm jim taylor seventy the tng news time 732 from the wtmj breaking news center a house on milwaukee's north side reduced to a pile of rubble this morning after a massive fire happened your 24th place an hour with flames shooting twenty feet.

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