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That is the college football season. Critics are saying it's good. Fantastic. And is anyone else thirsty? And literally the best thing since dia Dr Pepper and Dr Pepper cherry in fans Ville. Dr. Pepper delivers a tour to force performance alongside legendary college football coach stores, Brian, the BAAs BAAs worth Eddie. George in the mad Hatter himself less miles experienced the pain, the passion and the deliciousness of college football fan. This fall on fans Ville presented by Dr Pepper. So pull over veer rights slant left. Do what you gotta do to get to your local store and pick up some refreshing ice cold, Dr Pepper, the official drink a fans Ville in, hey, while you're at it don't be afraid to go to marry to me, it's nerdy time. I'm Brad Edwards along with Seth Walder from ESPN sports analytics team. We're going to look at this past weekend games, Intel. Oh, you how they impacted the playoff race using our playoff predictor? Seth, two, biggest risers two biggest fallers. Well, biggest faller shouldn't be any surprise to anyone Oklahoma after its narrow loss to Texas in the Red River showdown Oklahoma's not out of this race. I think you know, we'll be pretty clear about that. We twelve percent chance to make the playoffs now, but it took a big tumble. No question about it. I think if they went out now they're no longer lock to make the playoff LSU. We had them as long shots to begin with. They are now virtually eliminated with a with a loss, which in sub sub one percent here virtually eliminated. You mean they're probably going to have to win out and given that they have Georgia and Alabama left on the schedule is just so unlikely that they're virtually limited. Exactly. So we're not talking about mathematics and things are Kentucky is could make playoff too, but we're saying right out like, okay, on the other side. Notre Dame. We talked last week about Virginia Tech being their toughest remaining game, and it didn't look that tough for Notre Dame and so- Notre Dame really boosted its playoff chances. They're all up over sixty percent now sixty two percent. I think as a surprise to a lot of people not a ton of not a huge surprise if you've been listening to our segment. 'cause we've been talking about since the preseason and then Clemson gets a statement win over Wake Forest..

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