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Studied to read that book so. You you. You had more like poetic sensibility that didn't. You know that. May You know the work? The school to work sort of passed less appealing to you and the end you found in this book self something that spoke to you and I'm wondering. What what what do you do you remember any any particular quotes from the book of what what spoke to you hot. Okay An. I led the book. I wanted to find meaning of life for the best way to leave and why we should leave. So I was asking the question did many books. I lead Jamora Russia's a book I found that. I. Was a teenager. He had the same question and he to find. The answer to his question, he went to wasn't university to study west of Los of and. Fire, Hugh studying Western philosophy. He, find that deeply understand. I'm philosophy of He needs to understand Christianity, so after he completed muster 'cause, he became a teacher at a Catholic seminary. In Japan on the he thought Feudal Sophie and Matic's and also he had some kind of our hope that he could be a Catholic, but after six months he find he couldn't. And why was that because he felt he couldn't feet in the institutional racism in Catholic Attach. So, so he quit that job after six months and went back to Tokyo. Octavia you before he, he became the teacher. Fire. He was a university student. He married and. He defies wife. passed away with TB to unity's and So after he went back to Tokyo from the similarity, he married again and he's a sick underway for also died. Why she was. Pregnant to us, very. Painful experienced for him, yeah. and. He find that studying philosophy unthinking doesn't. Give me the answer. Wow, fi! He started to practice then okay, so then so light you. He was looking for the meaning of life. And then he he's path took him to the university to study Western philosophy. And this is this is coach Yama right very famous. Yes, and so then he went to university, and actually was studying western philosophy for the meaning of life. Yes, then he realized that he couldn't really understand Western philosophy without understanding Christianity, and then so that took him to studied quite deeply Christianity I. Think so yes, but he was. It didn't fit well with him. The the institution, the kept of the Catholic Church, and so he found himself. Back, that's how he found himself studying well, then he had these tragedies in his life. You know and he realized that intellectual. Study of Philosophy, all these intellectual philosophy is not a solution to this emotional pain of life. And, so then he turned to Zan attuned to Zan. Is that correct? Yeah, he tried to find the best teacher for him and he would find. Is this when he come? He came in studied with Kodo so arche, yes, at that time at that time circular. She was the Goto are kind of teacher. The Saudis e modestly Neog Tokyo I i. know this. This term homeless Kodo Right, so this is the same great teacher Great Zen teaches yes, and he was mostly not add a monastery by wandering round. Is that correct, or did he?.

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