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The morning your election connection seven ten W. O. R. radio station it is forty five degrees at ten o'clock good evening I'm Lisa Matteo Porter Rico rattles once again is a five point oh magnitude earthquake raises concerns about unstable infrastructure in a region that has been hit by quakes every day for nearly a month it occurred around the southern coastal town of quiet dnia located close to the epicenters of most of the recent earthquakes nodding county prosecutor's office is investigating after a newborn is found dead in a home neighbors say is occupied by squatters Steve green field reports the body was found Saturday morning just prior to six o'clock on the counter of a home in suburbia court in Jersey city police communicated that there were needles all over the place feces everywhere and maggots the residence was cited last summer for multiple health and housing code violations the mother was taken to a hospital for evaluation Steve greenfield W. O. R. news I ninety year old man is dead after being struck by a city sanitation S. U. V. in Chinatown early this morning police say he was trying to cross Canal Street near Elizabeth street no word if he was in the crosswalk at the time of the accident the driver did stay on the scene the department of sanitation is also investigating a Connecticut college student is in isolation being monitored for the corona virus Wesleyan University officials say the student showed symptoms of the respiratory illness following a trip to Asia there's been no official diagnosis more than fifty people have died from the ground a virus worldwide since the outbreak began last month in China more than two thousand have now been affected including two in the U. S. damage at the epidemic is hitting China at a time when hundreds of millions of people are traveling during the lunar new year holiday A. B. C.'s Ian panel is following the crisis from Hong Kong dozens of workers who mu ham with heavy machinery racing against time to build a brand new thousand bed hospital in just ten days and now a second thirteen hundred bed facility in the next fifteen well right now all schools in Wuhan are also closed until mid February the democratic mayor in Wildwood New Jersey is welcoming president trump his community this Tuesday Scott Pringle has more wild wood mayor peep by recalls is an exciting time because tens of thousands of people if not more are flocking to his community for trump's visit exposure to regain its been national coverage shot in the arm economically there to present might be here for days to convert it to a three day affair he says it'll be a tail gate like atmosphere outside the convention center for the event meanwhile there will be protest organizer Cassander Galen explains why even though Cape May county may be seen as a a red county there's still a lot of us down here who rejects this administration's rhetoric though trump Israeli for congressman Jeff Andrew he recently switched from the democratic to the Republican Party I'm Scott Pringle double your dues in the meantime president trump weighing in on day one of his defense team's ongoing argument in the Senate impeachment trial on Twitter he called it a totally partisan impeachment hoax adding everybody including Democrats truly knows it is one of sports and weather up next W. O. R. news time ten oh three.

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