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Evan valenti, Alex Francisco, of course, from Nestlé, coming at you here this morning. Talking to C's and just fun with numbers because numbers can do a whole lot of things that can show that the solids are playing really well, and they can show that they're not playing so well. Case in point, Boston went from a top bottom 5 defense to the top 5 defense in 11 games. However, there's still one of the worst open three point shooting teams in the league. And they're turned around as sort of been based Alex on Tatum finding some rhythm, or there's a little bit, right? 44 straight 30 point games, hitting the nets game. Didn't have a great game against snacks as we all know. But the thing with Tatum is still not shooting the ball that well, considering what we've learned, what we've seen from him throughout his entire career so far, the only difference that I see really is just the ability to get to the free throw line, more like 7, 8, 9 attempts per game. Over the last we'll call it 11 games. Now, I don't really have a stat that shows like I don't believe that Tatum has another lead coming this season, right? I believe in the sample size that we have over his career. I think he's gonna shoot a lot better at some point, but is there any concern in your end the fact that his, for some reason, he just hasn't really found that solid footing that he normally has at this point in the season? I think it was just all the confusion of this offense had him playing so much ISO to start the season, which is always the gripe on Tatum, right? But just seeing he's just put on so much weight and is so skilled that when he just attacks the basket and he's just in his bag, how do you stop it? And he's gonna get, and then he's gonna get the calls, too. He wasn't getting calls because he wasn't attacking the Remy was just kind of resorting to ISO and or maybe trying to throw up like a dumb shot to get everything back with one play and it just doesn't work..

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